How To Reset Your Crunchyroll Password

Whether you honestly forgot your password, or you haven’t used the platform in a while, you can recover your Crunchyroll account within a few moments. As long as you can remember the email you used to register on the platform, resetting your password is a piece of cake. Here’s a quick guide that will teach how to reclaim your account using your desktop or smartphone.


Crunchyroll is one of the best anime streaming services out there that only show episodes with a license on the region. The platform implements a geo-block feature and provides different content, depending on the location of the user.

Anyone can access most of their shows for free, but with ads. On the other hand, premium users get to watch all anime from the platform’s extensive library. They also have the privilege to watch new episodes an hour after their showing in japan.

With a lot of new anime coming up in the next months, you might want to consider availing one of their premium deals. But if you already have an account, maybe its time to use Crunchyroll again.

If you decide to give your account a visit but you struggle to remember the password, don’t worry, we got you. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to reset your password using your email.

Recover your account on Crunchyroll

If you’re still trying your best to remember your account password, take a break, follow these instructions below. Before the end of this guide, you will learn how to reclaim your account and set a new password.

  1. Visit the Reset Password page on Crunchyroll.
  2. Enter the email address you use on the streaming service, confirm that you’re not a robot, and click Submit.

  3. Check your email account inbox for a message from Crunchyroll.

  4. On the instructions, select “click here.”

  5. Proceed to enter your new password. Click “Reset Password” to save the changes.

For those who have the mobile app:

  1. Open the Crunchyroll app.
  2. On the bottom part of your screen, tap “LOG IN.”

  3. Select the Forgot Password?” link below the “Log in” button.

  4. Enter your email and tap “Reset Password.”

    You can then check your inbox for an email with all of the instructions to reset your account password. Read the message carefully and follow the necessary actions to get your account back.

If none of these methods work for you, you can submit a request and report your issue to Crunchyroll. Make sure to describe your problem so that the support staff can understand what you need and process it as soon as possible.

Now that you know how to reset your password, you can reclaim your account and get back in watching your favorite episodes. If you forgot your password again in the future, remember that you can always reset it with your email.

How to Change Your Current Password on Crunchyroll

If you think that someone else is using your account, but you can still access it without a problem, you can go to your settings and change the password. Here’s the step-by-step process to do it.

  1. On your web browser, open Crunchyroll and sign in to your account.
  2. At the top part of the page, click Profile > Settings.

  3. Under Account Settings, select “Email & Password.”

  4. Enter your current password and add a new one on the blanks. After finalizing your decision, click “Change Password” to save the changes.

If you’re using the mobile app, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Settings on your Crunchyroll app.

  2. Under the “Account & Profile” section, tap “Change Password.”

  3. Fill all the blanks and tap the “CHANGE PASSWORD” button.

Try to save a copy of your credentials in a safe place that only you can access. Using a backup will save you time in redoing one of these methods above in case you forget your password again.

To Sum It All Up

Forgetting the password to your Crunchyroll account can be quite annoying and frustrating, especially if you’re on a premium plan. I’m sure that you don’t want to go back and watch episodes with a ton of ads.

Fortunately, claiming your account on Crunchyroll is like a walk in the park if you have access to the email you used to register. All you have to do is to request a password reset. You can also contact their support staff and ask for help.

Now that you know how to reset and change the password, you can now get back to watching your favorite shows. For more tips on Crunchyroll, you can subscribe to our newsletter, or you can bookmark our page.