How To Reset Discord Bots

Can you reset a Discord bot? Does the bot need admin permissions or can I use one without it? What do I do if the bot is not working properly or misbehaving? Can a bot run 24/7 even when I’m not around? These questions and more will be answered on this page!


Bots are a huge part of Discord and offer some serious quality of life features for server owners and users. From playing music during quiet periods to helping moderate and manage large channel populations, bots are a good thing and they are here to stay.

For the most part, bots work well. You invite them to your server, assign them to a channel, configure anything that needs configuring and you’re good to go. It’s a very simple process that works well. No need to learn code or know how to program and no need to pay for hosting unless you have created your own bot.

Let’s get to those questions.

Can you reset a Discord bot?

Bots are such simple things on Discord that you should never need to reset one. There have been occasions when bots have misfired and wouldn’t work properly on a server. In those cases you simply uninvite the bot, leave it a minute and invite it back again. This should refresh the connection and allow you to reconfigure it.

This is as close to resetting a Discord bot that I know of unless the bot has its own reset mechanism.

Do bots need admin permissions to work?

A rule of thumb with any server is to only provide permissions necessary for the user or bot to perform its role. Never give either more permissions than it needs otherwise trouble soon follows. Few bot functions would ever require full admin rights although you may need to allow message or user management for bots with mod functions.

There is a distinct difference between admin permissions and mod permissions and it’s important to understand that difference. For example MEE6, one of the most popular bots out there needs user management and message management and a bunch of other permissions but does not require admin permissions.

What do I do if the bot is not working properly?

Bots are mostly reliable and stable but occasionally something goes wrong. Bots are not hosted on your Discord server, they are just linked to it. The bot will be hosted elsewhere and will have a dynamic link to your server. There is nothing within that link to go wrong but as they are software, there are occasions when it happens.

If the bot has a reset function, use that. Otherwise uninvite it from the server and use the same process as resetting Discord bots as above.

Can a bot run 24/7?

Yes it can. If you’re using a hosted bot like MEE6, it will run 24/7 without issue. If you have created your own bot to use on Discord, you will need to use hosting to ensure it is available all the time. You can host it on your own PC or even a Raspberry Pi but you will need to leave the device on 24/7 to keep it running.

You can pay for managed hosting too. It works the same as web hosting but is usually much cheaper. For a few dollars a month you can access server space to run your bot and it will be available 24/7 as required. There are free hosting options too if you prefer.

Where to find Discord bots

Where can you find good quality Discord bots? There are some excellent repositories of bots at and Carbonitex. Some bots also have their own domains like Groovy or Rhythm. Google is your friend if you don’t find what you’re looking for on or Carbonitex. Just double check the source of the bot is legit before inviting it to your server!

Discord bots are an excellent addition to the platform that can do everything from ask trivia questions to play music, moderate chat to kicking users. Most are free to use and offer some configuration options to personalize and make them fit your intended purpose.

Bots are also clever in that adding them requires no installation of coding. I’m not a programmer so this works perfectly for my needs. I can invite a bot to my server, configure certain elements of it, having it running 24/7 and use it as I see fit. All without having to know a line of code or pay for anything. Long may they continue!