How To Reset A Discord Server

There are millions of people who actively use Discord every day. Some make their own servers and invite other people. Others prefer to have a few friends around in group calls. If you’ve recently joined the Discord community, you might want to know all this app can offer. 

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You’ve probably already created your Discord server and invited a couple of friends to join. But, since you created this server for the first time, you are not satisfied with how it looks. You want it to have different roles, channels, maybe a different set of active bots. That’s why you want to reset your Discord server. 

But, the most important thing is to keep all the members of that server. Now, this is a very popular question people have been asking. And that question is how to reset a Discord server? Is it possible?

Can I Reset a Discord Server?

When you think about resetting a Discord server, the first thing that comes to mind is clearing out all the channels and roles in that server. The goal is to remove all of them, but still keep all the members active in the server. 

Unfortunately, you can’t reset a Discord server. This option is not included in the Discord UI. What you can do, instead, is very time-consuming and difficult. You will have to manually reset all the stuff in your Discord server. 

You will have to remove every channel and every role one by one. Have in mind that this process can take a while. Some of the members in the chat might leave if they see there are no servers or channels. So, you might want to consider that before resetting all the stuff in your server. 

The easiest way to make sure all the members remain in the server is to inform them. Let them know what you intend to change and how you plan to do it. If you want to avoid all the time-consuming parts, you can delete the server and re-invite all the members. It is faster and much easier. 

Since Discord doesn’t offer an option for mass deleting channels and roles, the best way to deal with the problem is to remove the server completely. Of course, you can always ask the members to rejoin your server. 

To remove roles manually in desktop, you will have to right-click on your server and go to roles. From here, you can remove the roles. 

To remove a channel in desktop, you will have to right-click on your channel and delete it. 

To remove roles manually in mobile, choose a server and then select the three dots icon on the server name and then pick the gear icon to access settings.

Under server settings, scroll down and choose roles. From here you delete a role by hitting edit and you can now delete a certain role.

To remove a channel in mobile, long press the name of the channel and choose edit channel in the pop-up window.

In channel settings scroll down and navigate the delete channel.


As you can see, this is a lot of manual work. There is so much that goes on into reworking a Discord server. Since Discord doesn’t have the option to reset the Server, you will have to work on every single role or channel manually. This will take a while. In the end, it is not even worth it. What you can do is make a new Server and invite all the members to join again. That’s it! We hope this answered the question for you.