How To Remove Someone From A Google Meet Meeting

Did you accidentally admit an unwanted user to your meeting on Google Meet? Or do you want to kick a disruptive participant out of your video conference? Either way, you can manage your meeting members as the organizers and remove one of the members. Follow our quick guide below, and we’ll show you how to do so from the Google Meet web and mobile app.


In Google Meet, organizers need to accept someone’s request to join a meeting before they can participate in the video conference. This option can prevent unwanted users from randomly disturbing your calls.

However, there might be cases where you accidentally let someone you don’t know inside the meeting room. Thankfully, you can always manage the participants and remove anyone you want as the host.

With that in mind, here’s our guide about removing people from a meeting on Google Meet.

How to kick out a participant in a meeting on Google Meet

If you’re the meeting organizer and someone accidentally joined your video conference, you can kick them out any time you want. In this way, you can deny them entry when they try to enter the room again.

You can remove meeting participants whether you’re using Google Meet on your phone or computer. For video conferences organized with a personal account, only the host can manage the participants.

Follow our step-by-step tutorials below, and we’ll teach you how to manage your meeting members on Google Meet using your computer or mobile device.

During a meeting on the web app:

  1. Click the people icon on the bottom right part of your screen to show all meeting participants.

  2. Click More actions (three dots icon) beside the name of the user you want to remove.

  3. Once the options appear, click “Remove from meeting.”

For those who organized the meeting through a personal account, kicked participants can request to join back to the meeting. When that happens, you have the option to deny or admit the user to the room.

For Google Workspace for Education users, removed participants can’t request to rejoin the meeting. However, the organizer can opt to invite them back to the video conference manually.

During meetings on the mobile app:

  1. Tap the meeting’s name on the top left of the room. If you can’t see its name, tap your screen once.

  2. Head to the “People” tab and tap the three dots beside the participant you want to remove.

  3. Once the menu appears from the bottom of your screen, tap Remove and confirm your decision.

As for meeting organized in a Google workspace, you need to be in the same organization as the organizer to remove other users. As we mentioned earlier, only the room creator can manage members for calls hosted on a personal account.

Kick unwanted and disruptive users from your meetings

Now that you know how to manage your meeting members in Google Meet, you can remove unwanted or disruptive participants out of the video conference room. Although they can ask permission to rejoin the meeting, you can always deny them access to it.

That’s everything we have on our guide! For more tips and tutorials, visit us frequently, and don’t forget to check our daily posts and updates.

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