How To Remove Headings From An Outline In Google Docs

The use of headings in an outline helps to organize our document and improve its readability. However, there may be minor errors in our headings that could affect the entire paper and potentially ruin the readability of the content. That being said, it is best to introduce the Google Docs feature, which allows you to easily remove headings that you believe are inappropriate for the paper.

Google Docs

You can, fortunately, edit your document outline in both the web browser and the mobile application. To learn more about this amazing Google Docs feature, simply follow the steps outlined below!

Using The Computer

1. Open your web browser then navigate to Google Docs.

First, open the computer browser then go to Google Docs. Afterward, sign in to your account using your Google credentials.

2. Select a document you wish to edit.

If all the existing documents in your account are already visible, browse through each of them and then select the one you need to modify.

3. Hover your cursor to the heading you want to remove.

Now, if you already opened a particular document, you will see on the left panel the outline of the file. Move and place your cursor on the heading you want to remove.

4. Click the “X” mark beside your selected heading.

If you’ve already placed your cursor to the selected heading, all left for you to do is tap the “X” mark next to it. Doing so will immediately remove the heading from the outline, there’s no need to save the changes made.

Using The Mobile App

1. Launch the Google Docs application on your phone.

To begin, open the Google Docs app on your mobile device and ensure that you are logged into the account where the document you need to edit is saved.

2. Open a document then click “Edit.”

Look through all of the available documents and then choose the one you want to edit. After you’ve selected a document, open it and then click the pencil icon in the lower-left corner of the page to begin editing.

3. Tap the ellipsis on the top-right side of the page.

On the document page, you must click the three horizontally-stacked dots on the upper right side of the page for a menu list to appear on your screen.

4. Select “Document Outline” from the list.

From the menu list that showed up, select the option “Document Outline.”

5. Click the ellipsis beside the heading you wish to remove.

If the document outline is already visible on your screen, you now have to choose which particular heading needs to be removed from the outline. After you’ve come up with a decision, click the ellipsis next to the selected heading.

6. Click the “Remove from outline” button.

All that remains is for you to click the “Remove from outline” button. There’s no need to click a save button or anything because doing so will immediately remove the selected heading.


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