How To Remove Gmail Profile Picture 2019

Gmail is one of the most popular webmail services by Google used by billions of people around the globe. Traditionally, webmail used to be the only option for establishing communication, with the advancement of technology, many communication platforms are developed in the world of web. Now, email is the way of establishing formal communication all over the world. Through various service providers provide numerous webmail services, Gmail is the top webmail by Google recognized by most of the people. The advanced features of the webmail make even more flexible and popular among its users.


Launched in 2004, by Google, Gmail becomes an integral part of every individual as an email account is mandatory for each function on the internet. Almost every individual uses webmail in the world for various personal, professional purposes. Gmail is one of the most advanced webmail in this era has numerous features associated with it.

Features of Gmail

Google is upgrading the features of the webmail every year to provide excellent user-experience. Some of the advanced features of Gmail are discussed.

Segmentation of mail

Gmail has enhanced the storage space, so, the user does not have to delete any mail from the inbox. On the other hand, too many emails in the mailbox can confuse the users which one is important and which are not. So, the webmail has the feature to classify the emails as per priority. The social media mails, ads, and the primary mails are segmented differently in the mailbox so; the user can classify the important emails in the mailbox easily.

Calendar integration

Google has integrated the phone calendar with the webmail for excellent user experience. The user can get a reminder about the special days on their phones, so, they will never miss the important days like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Social networking through Gmail

In this modern era of social media, account on a social media platform becomes common for every individual. So, Google has launched Google+ for its users. The users can connect with their circle professionally and personally through the platform. The Google+ account is linked with your Gmail account so that, you can access the mail as well as the Google+ profile simultaneously.

Well, the profile photo is the most basic thing in any account, be it personal or professional. Everyone has their profile picture on display in their email account. You must have set your profile picture in Gmail when you have created your account. If you want to change or remove your profile picture from your Gmail account, you can follow the simple steps.

Steps to remove Gmail profile picture

  1. Open Gmail account on your internet browser
  2. Login into the account by entering your Gmail id and password in respective spaces
  3. You will redirect to your inbox, go to your profile picture on the right top corner
  4. Click on your picture; you will get a pop-up box
  5. There click on my account button in the pop-up box
  6. You will be redirected to my account menu page there
  7. Click on your info under personal info and privacy heading
  8. Scroll down on the new page, click on about me
  9. Then click on see all button
  10. Open the profile photos album there; you will get to see the contents of the album
  11. Click on the current profile photo
  12. You will see three vertical dots on the right top corner, click on that.
  13. You will find a delete photo option, click on that
  14. You will get another dialogue box to confirm delete
  15. Click on delete to permanently delete the photo
  16. Go back to your about me page once your photo got deleted

Now you can’t see your profile picture in the inbox of the Gmail account.

How to change the profile picture in Gmail account

  1. Open the internet browser on your device
  2. Login into your Gmail account
  3. Your inbox will open, click on the profile picture on the right top corner in inbox
  4. You will get a pop-up box there
  5. You can see the change option on your profile picture in the pop-up box
  6. Click on the change option; a new pop-up will open to allow you to upload a photo
  7. You can select a photo from your gallery to make it as your Gmail profile picture
  8. The selected photo will be your profile picture after you finish uploading.

Since the webmail is ideal for every device, be it your laptop, tablet, android, or iPhone, you can follow these simple steps to change and remove your photo from Gmail account.