How To Remove Gmail Account From Android Phone

Having a Gmail gives you access to a lot of features, which go beyond the normal email service where Gmail once started. You will get access to Google’s cloud service (15 Gb of free storage), hangouts, and many other useful things!


A Gmail account comes in handy if you have an Android Smartphone. Of course, it is not mandatory to have a Gmail account to use an Android device. But it is better if you have one. If you are asking; why? Well, the device will automatically back up everything to the cloud, and all the important information will be stored there. For example, all the apps, and games that you download to any Android device will appear on your account. But hey; it is just a list; it does not take any storage, so don’t worry. Besides, according to Google, linking your device with another email account could temper with Android’s functionality.

 On newer Android devices, all your photos and videos will be backed up in the cloud, which helps you to save some internal storage. This is. As you can see, many are the benefits of linking your Android device to your Gmail account. However, it might come the day that you need to cease that link. Either because you want to sell your phone or you simply wish to upgrade, you would want to delete all your data. So let’s see how we can do it.

Step 1

Go to your phone settings. You can access it either by dragging down the top menu or searching for the settings section on the app menu. 

Step 2

Now, scroll down until you see an option that says “Accounts”; click it. Depending on the Android version that your device is running, you will have to click on another option; and guess what, it is called “Accounts: also. 

Step 3

Now, scroll until you see the Gmail account that you wish to remove and click on it.

You can remove any accounts linked to the device in this section. For example, if you have a Duolingo account, you can remove it here. 

Step 4

Click on the remove account option. You will be asked to confirm your selection; click on the remove account option again and it is done. 

Note that you will have to link another account if the one that you are removing is your phone’s main account. However, if you are changing phones, you do not have to worry about this any longer

As you can see, it is a simple and straightforward process. It takes no time, and if you ever want to link your account again, you can do so again. 

Bear in mind that there is no need to remove your account if you only wish to stop the synchronization process between your phone and your Gmail. All that is needed is to click on the account sync option instead of removing the account on step 3.