How To Remove Firestick Batteries

Watching TV is among the most common ways to kill some time or have a stress-free break. And what people enjoy watching the most? Movies and series. So there is little to no necessity of paying for a cable subscription if you only watch two or three shows.


Fortunately, the TV Gods acted upon this problem; creating the Firestick. This Amazon’s invention helps you to transform your TV into a streaming device. Where you can see all the movies, videos, or all the episodes of your favorite show. All you need is to plug the device, have a WiFi connection, and change its configuration at will.

With the Firestick, you will be able to keep up with your favorite shows; say goodbye to spoilers. Or if you prefer, you can keep up to date with the latest news and events. In short terms, the Firestick has it all.

The Firestick will provide you with endless fun. Well, it all depends on your remote batteries. If you run out, you must get new ones to keep enjoying your device. Here you will learn how to change the Firestick remote batteries.

Yes, it might sound dumb. But some people find it difficult to see where the batteries are. If this is you, don’t worry; try this:

Step 1

Grab your remote controller, and turn it back. As you might have noticed, there is no clear sign of a lid. Grab the controller by the bottom, press it, and squeeze the back cover upwards.

Keep in mind that you have to squeeze the back and the front of the remote to opposite directions. You might need to apply good pressure on the lid. Otherwise, you will have a hard time opening the controller.

Step 2

The next step is obvious, take off the lid, and you will be able to see the batteries. Take them off, and put a new pair up. Just a heads up, it uses AAA batteries. It goes without saying but, keep in mind that you have to put them in a specific way.

Step 3

Close the lid again. Put it on and squeeze it back into position. Remember to press while you squeeze or it won’t fit.

See? It is not that hard. All that is needed is for you to press the bottom of the controller hard, and squeeze it with your fingers from both sides. There should be no problem if you follow these easy three steps.

It is time for you to stop hitting the controller to, somehow, make it magically recharge. Or to make energy by pressing the controller buttons as hard as you can. There is no need in saying that these actions, only damage your device. So try to take good care of it. Besides, there is no scientific proof that either hitting the controller or pressing the button hard enhances battery life.

Now, you can sit back and enjoy your afternoon or movie night with your fresh new pack of batteries.