How To Remove A Collaborator On Airtable

Do you no longer need one of your collaborators to work with your workspace on Airtable? Or is the individual no longer a part of your team? In any case, you can remove them from your workspace on the app. Follow our guide below to learn how.


In Airtable, workspace owners can add more people to help them work on different bases within the workspace. Each individual can have different permission levels, giving them access to things within your workspace.

As time passes, you may no longer need some of your collaborators within your workspace. On the other hand, there are cases when people become inactive without prior notice.

Either way, you can remove collaborators from your workspace on Airtable anytime you want. As the owner, you have full permission to manage your workspace members and get rid of users.

Here’s our guide about removing users from your workspace.

How to remove someone from your workspace on Airtable

If you no longer want someone to access your bases on Airtable, you can remove them from being a collaborator on your workspace. When you remove a collaborator, they can’t access your workspace or any of its bases in the future.

You can remove workspace collaborators whether you’re using Airtable on your phone or computer. Follow our step-by-step tutorials below, and we’ll show you how to do it from both devices.

On your computer:

  1. Using your favorite web browser, visit the Airtable web client and sign in to your account.
  2. Click the members icon on the right side of the workspace name.

  3. Scroll down to the workspace collaborators section and click the “x” icon beside the person you want to remove from your workspace.

That’s how you remove someone from your workspace on the Asana web app. If you ever change your mind, you can always invite the person back to your workspace.

On the Airtable app for Android:

  1. After opening the Airtable app, tap the pencil icon beside one of your workspaces.

  2. Tap the workspace collaborators to view and manage the workspace members.

  3. Tap the edit icon beside the collaborator that you want to remove.

  4. Select the “Remove collaborator” option and confirm your decision.

After removing someone as a collaborator, they can’t access the bases within your workspace anymore. If you want the person to access only some of your workspace bases, you can consider adding them as a base collaborator instead.

To wrap things up

Now that you know how to remove collaborators on Airtable, you can remove the people you no longer want to work with within your workspace. If you ever change your mind, always remember that you can invite people back whenever you want.

If you want a user to access a few bases within your workspace only, you can opt to add them as base collaborators. In this way, they can only view and check the ones you selected.

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