How To Record Streaming Video On The Firestick

With the advancement of the entertainment industry, the innovation of firestick added value streaming technology and home entertainment. By plugging firestick to the HDMI port of your TV, you can access to numerous channels, TV shows, games, music, etc. the firestick is the portable device that houses all your favorite contents at one place. The portable device is enhancing the entertainment experience of the people out there with its advanced features. It can be plugged into any TV with HDMI port to access your favorite movies and TV shows. Therefore, most of the people are adopting the device for home entertainment. You can even get access to some of the exclusive content through specific channel subscription.


Many players in the market provide full-featured firesticks for home entertainment to the users. The cost, speed, and features of the firestick make it popular among the users around the world. The innovation of streaming technology is loved by millions of people out there.  Well, to entertain yourself when you are on your vacation or when you are traveling, you can’t take the TV with you, but you can record the streaming videos on firestick.

You can record the videos streaming on your TV through several methods to watch it on the go. Whether you want to watch the cooking segment, sports, or a show for binge-watching, you can record the content for a seamless experience.

Through hardware method

In this method, you have to use an external hardware device for recording the streaming video from on the firestick. The video capture device, Elgato HD60 is suitable for the recording, but there is an issue with HDCP copy protection with the device. You need an HDMI Splitter to remove the HDCP copy protection. HDCP is there to prevent the content from illegal use, and that has issues with Elgato HD60 in recording the streaming video. By connecting the HDMI Splitter in between the process, you can record the videos on firestick easily. The order of the connection will be like firestick-    HDMI Splitter-video Capture device (Elgato HD60) – TV. Through this procedure, it is easier for users to record videos streaming on the TV screen seamlessly.

Through software method

In his method, you can record the video by installing specific software on fire TV. There are many apps which can be sideloaded to record the video on the screen. You can install such screen recorder APK for recording the streaming video. The screen recording apps are efficient enough for recording the streaming videos on the screen.

However, you can be benefitted in multiple aspects through the firesticks and recording the streaming videos. With the sleek streaming technology, you can enjoy your favorite shows, movies, games, and sports without moving from your couch. Additionally, you have the facility to record the streaming videos of your TV screen seamlessly through these methods. So, you can enjoy your favorite shows on the go. With the portable device you have access to a wide range of channels including movies, TV shows, sports, music, etc. which will entertain yours at past-time.

The content is exclusive and trending with services like Hulu, ESPN, HBO now, etc. you have the opportunity to subscribe to any channel at any time and can unsubscribe the channel as per your convenience. With advanced technology and smart devices, the firestick can be connected to any TV with HDMI port and to the laptops with input and output HDMI port. You can also connect your laptop to the firestick through some of the hardware devices to enjoy your shows on your laptop. However, with video recording technology, you can access your favorite content at any time in any device.

Since with advanced firesticks you have access to many exclusive channels like HBO now, Hulu, Netflix, Sling TV, etc.; you can also record the streaming videos of the channels to re-watch them before canceling those channels. Some people subscribe to a particular channel for a specific show and cancel the channel on their firestick after the show got over. If you want to re-watch your favorite show, you can record it through hardware or software method on your device effortlessly. It becomes easier for the firestick users to entertain themselves on the go through the advanced streaming technology.

As the portable device enables you to record your favorite content, many individuals prefer the device for home entertainment. The innovation of advanced streaming technology is loved by the people around the world as they can access to the contents they like from anywhere at any time.