How To Record A Zoom Meeting

Do you want to save your important meetings and online discussions on Zoom? Or do you want to keep a recording for those who missed the event? In any case, we’re here to offer our help. In our guide below, we’ll show you how to record your meetings on Zoom. Whether you’re using the mobile or desktop app, we have a tutorial for you.


If you’re hosting a lot of virtual meetings, I’m sure that you understand that some people can’t attend video conferences every time. As such, they’ll sometimes miss participating in online discussions even if they’re important.

Thankfully, Zoom allows you to record your meetings on the app for future reference. In this way, absent invitees can still watch the recordings and catch up to whatever the participants discussed.

For those who are new to the Zoom app, we understand that you might have some trouble using its features. With that in mind, we have here a guide below that can help you. We’ll teach you how to record your meetings in the Zoom desktop and mobile app.

How to record your meetings in Zoom

If you want to have a copy of your meetings in Zoom, you can choose to record them through the app. In this way, you can access them for reference in the future.

You can record your meetings whether you’re using Zoom on your computer or mobile device. Follow our step-by-step tutorials below to learn how.

On your computer:
  1. Open the Zoom desktop app and sign in to your account.
  2. Start a new meeting or join one.

  3. Once you’re inside the room, click Record at the bottom of the window, beside the Share Screen option. Alternatively, you press Alt + R on your keyboard.

  4. To finish the recording, click the Stop option at the bottom of your screen. As a shortcut, you can press Alt + R on your keyboard instead.

That’s how you record meetings on the desktop app. Always remember that ending the session stops the recording as well.

You can find all your recordings in one of the folders of your Zoom directory. You can change where Zoom stores your recordings by navigating to Settings > Recordings.

Aside from that, you can also choose whether to record separate audio files, add a timestamp, and optimize your meeting recordings.

On mobile devices:

As for those using Zoom on their mobile device, you need to have an enterprise or a business membership t to record your meetings. Zoom stores these recordings on the cloud instead of saving them on your device.

  1. Open the Zoom mobile app and sign in to your account.
  2. Create a new meeting or choose to join an existing one.

  3. Once you’re inside the room, tap More (three-dot icon) at the bottom part of your screen.

  4. After the menu appears, tap Record. If you don’t see this option on your Zoom meeting, you might need to upgrade your membership.
  5. When the recording starts, you’ll see a “Recording..” notification at the top of your screen. You can select this option to pause or stop your meeting entirely.

Please note that if you’re not the host of the meeting, you’ll need to ask permission to start a recording. Once the host allows you to do so, you can go ahead and continue.

You can find more recording options by visiting the Zoom website and accessing its Settings. From there, you can choose to record meetings once it starts.

To wrap it all up

Now that you know how to record your meetings in Zoom, you can go ahead and save them if you ever need them in the future. You can also share the recordings with the people that missed the event so they can catch up.

That’s all from us! If you want to see more tips, tricks, and tutorials, visit our site regularly, and check our latest posts and updates.