How To Record A Message On Google Home

Yes, you read it right. You can now use your Google Home to record a message. And you can convey this message anywhere you want for as long as you have Google speakers or other Google-enabled speakers. It is like an intercom system wherein you can communicate your message; for instance, at home using a speaker from another speaker or even your smartphone, whether Android or iPhone and iPad.


What You Need- Broadcast from Google Home device to Google Home device

Before you should know how to record a message on Google Home, you should know what you will need. (Your recorded message will be worthless without the following, so never skip this topic!)

  1. To broadcast your message from one Google device to the other, you will need 2 or more Google speakers or other Google-enabled speakers or displays.
  2. All your Google Home devices should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 
  3. Your account or maybe a member of your household has signed in to these Google Home devices. 
  4. Turn of “Downtime” and “Do Not Disturb” mode. 
  5. The version of your Google Home devices should be 1.39154941 or higher. 

Where Will the Recorded Message Play?

Take note that your recorded message will only play on all Google Home devices that are connected on the same Wi-Fi network and as well as those which are signed in to the same account as the device where the recorded message is originated. 

What You Need- Broadcast from Smartphone to Google Home device

  1. Your phone can access Google Assistant and you should have more than one Google Home device. 
  2. Your phone should comply with the Google Assistant requirements. 
  1. The same account was signed in to your phone as well as to these Google Home devices. 
  2. Turn off the “Do Not Disturb” mode. 
  1. Your Google Home version should be 1.39154941 or higher.

How to Record a Message on Google Home

Broadcasting your message

If you want to make a custom message, you can do this by saying, for example, “Ok Google, broadcast (your message)!” Instead of saying broadcast, you can also use, “announce,” “tell everyone,” or “shout.”

So if you want to remind your kids at home to clean their room, you can say “Ok Google, tell everyone to clean their room now!” 

Or if you set your Google Home device at work, you can say to your employees “Ok Google. Announce that the deadline for work is before 6 pm. Hurry!”

Broadcasting sounds

Well, Google also allows you to broadcast delightful sounds. You can use this to inform your kids of breakfast, lunch or dinner or maybe you can use this as a “wake up” call or an indication that it’s time for you to leave. You can also use broadcasting sounds to let your kids know that you are on your way home or maybe to let them know that you already arrived home.


As mentioned earlier, this feature is like an intercom that can allow the other person to reply to your broadcast. All you need to do is to say “Ok Google, reply (your message).” And that’s it. You can record, convey, and reply to a message using Google Home.