How To Recall An Email In Gmail

We often make mistakes, and so sending wrong emails is not an exception. Sometimes, especially when we panic, we forget to double-check or proofread the things we send to other people. When you see it another time, that’s when you’ll only notice that there’s something wrong with it. Well, in this case, you can’t do anything about it anymore.


But, what if you can undo sending something wrong to a person? Would you do it? There’s a feature in Gmail that allows you to recall the emails you’ve accidentally sent to someone.

If you want to know how it’s done, then I suggest you continue reading.

1. Login to your Gmail and click the gear icon on the top right of your screen.

When you’re opening Gmail on your desktop, just follow the arrow and the figure encircled in black as shown in the picture.

2. Click on “See all Settings”.

It will be the first thing you’ll see upon clicking the gear icon, so looking for it won’t really take you a long time.

3. Look for the label “Undo Send” and set the time for the cancellation period which ranges from 5-30 seconds.

Read and browse through what you see on the screen until you find the “Undo Send” label. Now, a little bit on its right is the timer for the cancellation period which you can set according to your own preference. Thirty seconds is already the longest, so if you don’t want to have any regrets in the future, make sure to set this one for the time.

4. Scroll down and look for the “Save changes” button at the bottom of the page.

Once you’re done with the changes, make sure to save it by clicking the “Save changes” at the bottom part of your screen.

5. Now to undo your email, first, send an email to your desired receiver. 

To check if it really works, try sending an email to a receiver and undo it afterward.

6. After sending an email, you will see an “Undo” button located at the bottom left part of your screen, click that.

Check for a message or a notification on your screen that says “Undo”. Make sure not to miss it because otherwise, you won’t be able to take back everything.

7. You will see a message that says “sending undone” at the bottom left part of the page.

Once you see this message on your screen, it means that you’ve successfully undone the email you sent.


Being able to undo sending an email is very helpful especially when you’re having doubts about the contents of what you just sent or wanting to double-check it.

There are still more helpful features Gmail has to offer us, yet to those who would simply like to enable recalling or undo, this guide can truly be a great aid to you!