How To Raise Your Hand In Google Meet

Finding a way to raise your hand in Google Meet? If you’re the type who likes to keep themselves muted and off-cam, having the option to raise your hand is a great way to let the people in the call know that you have something to say!


Sadly, there is no way to raise your hand in Google Meet — at least, there is no native option for it. The use of Chrome Extensions, such as Nod – Reactions for Google Meet is required if you want the option to raise your hand in a Google Meet video call.

Find out how you can install the required Chrome extensions to give you an option to raise your hand during a Google Meet call by reading the steps below.

Can You Raise Your Hand in Google Meet?

Google Meet, despite its many great features, is lacking the option to “raise your hand.” In other video conferencing applications, such as Zoom, an option to raise your hand – a button dedicated to catch the attention of the people in the call – exists.

While there’s currently no word on whether Google is investing time and resources into creating this option for Google Meet, third party developers have already figured out a way to turn this into reality.

Nod – Reactions for Google Meet is a Chrome extension that adds “reactions” to Google Meet. This lets you get people’s attention without ever unmuting your microphone. It also saves everyone the hassle of talking over each other to get their questions across!

How to Raise Your Hand in Google Meet

Step 1

Open up your browser and go to

Step 2

On the Google Web Store search bar, type in “Nod for Google Meet.”

Step 3

Click on the first result, then click Add to Chrome, and then accept the prompt.

Step 4

Restart your browser.

Step 5

Go to your Google meet link.

Step 6

When you get inside the call, the Nod toolbar will be on your upper left. Now you can raise your hand, react, and more without ever pressing the unmute button!

Keep in mind, however, that everyone else in the call will need to have Nod installed for this extension to work. Anyone without the extension will not be able to see you raising your hand.

Why Should I Raise My Hand in Google Meet?

Raising your hand is especially useful if you tend to mute yourself in calls, or if there’s a lot of people in the call. What usually happens is people tend to talk over each other when they have something to say.

With the option to raise your hand in Google Meet through an extension, it is easier to let people know that you need to say something. This eliminates the noise that comes from everyone speaking all at once, leading to a more efficient video call for everyone involved!

Why Does Google Meet Not Have a Raise Hand Option?

Google has been mum about its reasons behind why Google Meet doesn’t have a “raise hand” option yet. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re not working on it. Google Meet has released a couple of extra features since 2020 began, most notably the option to blur your background.

With people depending more and more on video conferences to keep connected for work or school, it’s not a far-fetched idea for Google to enable this option. Since many of their competitors already have this option, it’d be a missed opportunity for Google if they don’t do it.

When Should I Raise My Hand in a Google Meet Call?

There’s a number of reasons why you might want to raise your hand during a Google Meet call.

  • To call the speaker’s attention. It might be to respond to a question, or to dispute something they said.
  • To confirm your attendance. You can let people know that you’re alert and listening by raising your hand on Google Meet.
  • To vote. In situations where a vote is called, people may raise their hands instead of typing in chat if they want to vote.
  • To cut someone off. If you need to cut someone off while they’re talking, likely to add something to what they’re saying.
  • Just to say hi. Without having to unmute yourself and potentially disrupt an ongoing conversation, just popping an emoji or raising a hand is enough to let a person know you’re recognizing them!

There are many other reasons, but these are the top five situations where you might need to raise your hand in a Google Meet call. Hopefully, Google gets cracking on making the raise hand feature a staple for their videoconferencing platform.

Wrapping Up

Since there is no native feature to raise your hand on Google Meet, we currently have to do with third party extensions to make it happen. Send the link to Nod to your friends and colleagues so you can all enjoy a much-wanted feature in this popular videoconferencing app!