How To Print Multiple Slides On A Single Page In Google Slides

Aside from sharing your presentation with other users by sending links or digital copies of it, another way can also be through giving them printed copies of it. It’s a very helpful way, especially when you will be using it for reviewing topics or lessons provided by your professors. This allows you to do more with the printed copy such as highlight the important parts, put annotations, and include your insights through adding side notes in the document.


It facilitates and improves your way of remembering things, rather than simply looking at the presentations on your computer or device screen. If you want to know about printing multiple slides on a single page in Google Slides so as to save or minimize the use of paper, follow the detailed steps we have laid out for you below.

1. Open the file you wish to print.

First, go to Google Slides on your device and browse through all your existing projects. Once you’ve spotted the specific file you would like to print, simply open it.

2. Click on the File tab and select “Print settings and preview.”

After that, access the menu bar and click on the File tab which you’ll see on the upper-left part of your screen. From among the options shown, scroll down and select “Print settings and preview.”

3. Choose how many slides to print per page.

Now, what’s left for you to do is select the number of pages you’d like to print on a single page. However, a key tip in doing so is to consider that the contents of the slides are still clear and readable. The ideal number of slides per page would be 2 to 4 slides on a single page. If it’s more than that, the text as well as the other elements present on the slide might already seem too small and difficult to read.

For this example, let’s try printing a page that has 4 slides on it.

4. Proceed to printing your presentation.

Once you’ve decided about the number of slides you’d like to include on a single page, simply click the print button on the upper part of your screen. If you want a simpler way of doing this, just press Ctrl + P on the Windows keyboard or Command + P on your Mac keyboard.

End Notes

Printing not only presentations but documents or files, in general, is very effective and useful especially when you’re planning to save them and keep them as references for reviewing. However, so as not to avoid wasting paper, it’s best to maximize the space on a single page by printing more slides per page. You’ll also be able to save both money and printer ink in that way!