How To Present Your Slideshow In Google Slides

Indeed, editing, in general, can be quite difficult because of the different elements you can utilize in creating your own mix of them. Creating presentations in Google Slides isn’t an exception to that. However, despite that being the case, many people still find presentation making really fun and enjoyable, probably because you can get so creative with it in your own way.


You can add various shapes, images, backgrounds, play with colors, and add animations or transitions to your slides however you want. Yet before completing it, checking how the whole thing looks is an essential step you must always remember. Why? It is because this allows you to oversee if you’re really satisfied with what you’ve done and if otherwise, you can still make your final edits.

With the slideshow feature, this is made possible for you. And so, here’s how you can view a presentation on a slideshow in Google Slides.

1. Click “Present” at the upper-right part of your screen.

This is a big button at the upper-right part of the menu bar so you’d surely have no trouble locating it.

2. Choose how you wish your slides to be presented.

Upon clicking the button, you’ll be given the option to choose between presenting it from the beginning or display it with the presenter view. Let me explain how both works.

Presenter View

With the presenter view, you’ll be able to present with both the audience tools and speaker notes. Basically, this is a lot better to use when you’re already up for the actual presentation. You could utilize the speaker notes and input all the important details you need there so as to help you run a smooth and organized presentation flow.

At the same time, you have full control over the slides — jumping on to the next one or moving to the previous slides can be done whenever you want. If you could also notice, there is a timer at the upper-left part of the presenter view controls so that you can be able to track how long it has been running already. It could easily be paused and reset if you want.

Presenting from the Beginning

Unlike the first option, this doesn’t allow you any access to the speaker notes or audience tools because it’s really just used for reviewing the entire thing. If you simply want to see how your presentation would look from the perspective of other people, this is most recommended for you.

You’ll mainly be seeing the entire slide on your screen, with a few buttons at the bottom-left to help you navigate through the presentation. With that control, you’ll be able to open speaker notes, enable laser pointer, turn on captions (if any), and stop the entire presentation.

Summing It All Up

Even when Google Slides can greatly help you with what you need in navigating through presentations, there is a lot more you still have to do. To ensure that you run a flawless presentation, always prepare the proper tools and equipment you need for it. Check whether your device, speakers, and cables are working well so that you can avoid unnecessary interruptions if ever.

If you were able to finish a really impressive presentation, then I guess presenting it to your audience would be nothing but a piece of cake for you!