How To Present A PowerPoint Presentation On Google Meet

A meeting is rarely complete without a PowerPoint presentation with which to regale your teammates. Google Meet, one of the most popular tools for online meetings, makes it easy to show your PowerPoint deck to the rest of your team. This tutorial outlines the ways to do so from your computer or mobile device using Google Meet.

With the rise of remote working, more and more companies turn to online tools for meetings, collaborations, and simple communication across vast distances. Many online video conferencing tools have sprung up to address this need, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and Google Meet.

Formerly a premium conferencing product for Google’s G Suite, Google Meet is currently free to use for everyone with a Google account. Its video conferencing and online collaboration tools make it handy to use not just for business meetings, but also online classes where a presenter has to showcase their PowerPoint slides for everyone else in the call to see.

You can present your PowerPoint deck not just from your computer, but also from a mobile device. Google Meet works in nearly all systems, like Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. In this tutorial, we’ll show you the step-by-step instructions for both your computer and tablet.

Presenting from your Computer

The only tools you’ll need to make a presentation on Google Meet are Microsoft PowerPoint and a web browser. Consider using Google Chrome as it works best with Google Meet. You don’t need to download other tools and plugins.

Get your PowerPoint presentation ready before joining a call or starting your presentation, so there won’t be any surprises while everyone else is viewing your screen.

1. Open the PowerPoint file on your computer.

2. Since the default view is the normal editing mode, you’re going to want to set it to Slide Show mode for viewing by everyone else. If you’ve used PowerPoint long enough, you’ll know that the Slide Show mode throws the slides into fullscreen mode, meaning you won’t be able to easily switch between PowerPoint and Google Meet if you need to. This quick setting keeps PowerPoint in windowed fullscreen mode so you can switch to other apps.

Click on the Slide Show tab then Set Up Slide Show to view your sharing settings. In the Set Up Show settings, choose the second option under Show type: Browsed by an individual (window). Click OK to exit the settings.

3. After setting up your presentation, you can now join or create your Google Meet call. Head to on your web browser to get started. You can either set up a new meeting with a new link or enter an existing link to join.

4. Once in the call, click on Present now to start sharing your screen. There are three options: Your entire screen, A window, or A Chrome tab. If you choose to share your entire screen, participants will see everything you do on the screen. Since you want to share just your PowerPoint presentation, which is in a separate window, choose the second option instead. If you have your PowerPoint presentation in a Chrome tab, you can select that instead.

Note that sharing your screen or presenting does not automatically disable your video, so if you want to present without showing your face, make sure to turn the camera off before clicking on Present now. The option applies to the microphone as well, so you can continue to talk while presenting unless you mute your microphone.

5. Choose the window that you want to present. Click on the PowerPoint deck that you’ll be showing and click Share.

This will bring the PowerPoint screen to the foreground. You’ll know it’s being broadcast to everyone in the call through the message at the bottom.

This is how it’ll look like from everyone else’s perspective.

6. When you need to stop the presentation, just click on the Stop Sharing button on your PowerPoint window, or go back to the Google Meet tab. The buttons are difficult to miss.

7. Stopping the presentation doesn’t stop the call, though. When you need to end the call, click on Leave Call.

Presenting from an iPad

You can also present a PowerPoint deck through iOS or Android as long as you have the Google Meet and Microsoft PowerPoint apps installed on your mobile device. In this tutorial, we’ll be using an iPad to show you how it works.

1. Open the PowerPoint file on your iPad.

2. With the file open in Microsoft PowerPoint, click on the Slide Show tab and click on Presenter View.

Note that while the Microsoft PowerPoint app is free to download, you need to be subscribed to the Microsoft 365 service to use features like Slide Show on your iPad.

3. Open Google Meet to set a new meeting or join an existing one. You can choose to disable your camera before sharing your screen for the presentation.

4. Click on the three-dot button beside the microphone to bring up more controls. Click on Share screen to start sharing your screen.

5. A Screen Broadcast window will pop up. Tap on Start Broadcast to begin sharing your screen. A small green camera icon will appear on the top right corner of your screen to show that you’re about to start broadcasting.

As soon as you start broadcasting, every move and click will be shown to everyone else on the call, so be careful not to open any private files or apps. The small green camera icon will also turn into a red recording icon after you start broadcasting.

6. Switch to your PowerPoint presentation. Click on the fullscreen icon to start your presentation.

This is how your presentation will appear to other participants in the call.

7. After you’re done presenting, you can switch back to Google Meet and click on Stop sharing. You can also click on the small red icon at the top right of your screen while using another app to do the same thing.

On the Screen Broadcasting pop-up, click on Stop to stop screen broadcasting or sharing your screen.

Stopping the broadcast doesn’t end the call, so once your call is over, click on the Leave Call button to hang up completely.

So there you have it: Google Meet has made it virtually effortless to show your PowerPoint presentation to other meeting participants as if you were all in the same conference room. It doesn’t matter if you’re presenting from your computer or your mobile device; with Google Meet you can present from anywhere at any time.