How To Play Yoru In Valorant

Do you prefer a playstyle where you can aggressively infiltrate the enemy’s backline in Valorant? Or do you fancy using a duelist that can flash and teleport to different spots to create chaos in a site? Either way, Yoru is one of the best agents for you. In our guide below, we’ll show you his abilities and a few tips on how to use them on your matches in Valorant.


Yoru is one of the newest agent additions on Valorant you can use after leveling his contract to tier 5. Unlike other duelists like Jett, Yoru’s kit allows him to infiltrate into the enemy’s backline on top of his entry-fragging flash ability.

At first glance, Yoru’s abilities are effective in most maps and situations in Valorant. You can opt to fake out your foes and move behind enemy lines stealthily, creating a pincer attack. On the other hand, the agent can also hold his ground on frontal engagements with his flash skill, Blindside.

Although Yoru’s gameplay might seem simple, you’ll need to practice and get familiar with his abilities to unleash the agent’s full potential. For example, you’ll want to know how to bounce his flash off certain surfaces, place his teleport ability in unexpected spots, and others.

With that in mind, here’s a quick guide on Yoru’s abilities on Valorant.

How to use Yoru in Valorant

If you fancy using a duelist that can quickly teleport in unexpected positions and can infiltrate backlines with abilities, Yoru is the perfect agent for you. He is one of the newest agents in Valorant with a kit that allows you to surprise and confuse your foes.

For example, you can use his Blindside ability to flash enemies inside a site and immediately teleport to the Gatecrash you sent earlier to infiltrate the flank. With that in mind, here’s a breakdown of Yoru’s abilities and a few tips on how to use them in-game.

Note: We’ll use the default ability keys on the desktop version to make it easier for most of you to understand.

Fakeout (1st Ability – C)

Using this ability equips an echo that copies the sound of your footsteps once you send it forward. Each charge costs 100 credits, and you can use up to two per round.

Left-click (Fire button) to activate the skill immediately, sending it forward. You can also hit right-click (Alt-Fire button) to place an echo on your current position and use it at a later time by pressing F in the direction of the echo.

You can use this ability to draw the attention of foes while you push at another angle or lurk on another side of the map. However, other users can see the echo when it moves forward on the map, so using this ability is situational and requires a lot of “game sense.”

Blindside (2nd Ability – Q)

Equip a flash grenade that blinds enemies after it bounces off a surface. Click Left to throw it in the direction of your crosshair. You can buy two charges per round that cost 250 credits each.

Blindside is handy when pushing bomb sites or clearing positions where you expect an enemy. As you can bounce it off a surface, you can easily use it without worrying about blinding yourself in the process.

You can get creative when using Blindside, like bouncing the projectile off angles where the enemies don’t have enough time to look away, blinding them fully. You can also aim to bounce it off behind you when you peek corners to surprise and kill your enemies while they’re looking away.

Gatecrash (Signature Ability – E)

Equips a “tether” that you can send forward or put in place and use as a teleport whenever you need to. Left-clicking sends the tether forward, while right-clicking puts it in your position.

To teleport to the tether, press E or your custom ability key. Since Gatecrash is your signature ability, you can get it for free with a cooldown of 40 seconds once you teleport. As such, you can use it multiple times in a single round to outplay your foes.

You can use this ability with Blindside to flash your enemies and hit them on the flank after teleporting. However, using Gatecrash sends out audio cues, and foes can see your tether if they’re close to it.

Keep in mind that you can only send your ability in the direction of your crosshair, and it can’t get past obstacles, including Sage’s walls. As such, you’ll need to learn line-ups, practice, or get creative to get your tether in spots where the enemy least expects you to teleport.

Dimensional Drift (Ultimate Ability – X)

Yoru’s ultimate ability grants you invisibility, allowing you to infiltrate backlines with ease or get into spots where the enemy team least expects you. To use the skill, you need six orbs you can get from killing foes, dying, planting, defusing, and capturing free orbs on the map.

Left-clicking activates Dimensional Drift that lasts for about 10 seconds, which you need to manage for scouting enemies or infiltrating bomb sites. However, you can always press the ability key once again to cancel the ultimate early.

However, keep in mind that your vision becomes slightly impaired when using this skill. You’ll also become visible to enemies that get close enough to you.

To wrap things up

Now that you know how Yoru’s abilities in Valorant, you can go ahead and practice the agent on custom maps or unrated matches. You can test how to use his flash ability, gauge when you should teleport to your tether, and other stuff that you’ll learn based on experience.

That’s everything we have on our guide! For more tips, tricks, and tutorials on Valorant, visit us regularly and check our daily posts and updates.