How To Play X.Borg In Mobile Legends

X.Borg is a very fun fighter to play that can absolutely dominate during teamfights. His playstyle is very unique and requires you to stick to your targets as closely as possible. Here’s everything you need to know to get you started playing as the Firaga Armor.



Most Fighters have a rather complicated playstyle that requires you to chain your abilities perfectly to make the most out of them. While X.Borg still somewhat relies on combos, all you need to do when playing him is making sure that your targets are close to you. X.Borg’s abilities all have wide areas of effect so you shouldn’t have trouble hitting a target in lane or in team fights. He is also pretty durable and can serve as a secondary tank for his team. His burst damage is where he truly shines though. X.Borg has abilities that make him absolutely dominant during team fights. Despite his advantage in a more team oriented setting, X.Borg is still pretty powerful as a solo laner which is why he is one of the best heroes to use in the Exp Lane. 

While a strong pick, using X.Borg has its drawbacks. For starters, his effectiveness can be severely limited by enemies with strong crowd control. He also doesn’t have any abilities that can lock down on a single target so if enemies can find a way to avoid getting hit by his abilities, he would be less effective. The timing of when to use his abilities can also be a little tricky to pull off. Overall, if you can find ways to play around X.Borg’s strengths and understand his limitations, he can be a very powerful hero that impacts every team fight and can secure the win.


X.Borg’s kit is all about his AoE damage. He doesn’t really have much in terms of utility and is geared towards dealing damage to multiple targets in a single use. Since his abilities are all AoE, he is pretty good at clearing waves and pushing lanes. 

Passive – Firaga Armor

X.Borg has 2 HP bars, his own HP bar and his Firaga Armor, his own HP bar inherits 20% of his Max HP and his Firaga Armor inherits 110% of his Max HP.

X.Borg’s Firaga Armor inherits his own Max HP and takes all damage for X.Borg while it’s active. When the Firaga Armor is destroyed, X.Borg will disengage from his armor and roll to the direction of the joystick, becoming temporarily immune to damage while disengaging and entering Armorless State.

X.Borg’s skills and Basic Attacks will heat up enemies and cause a temperature bar to appear next to them. When enemies reach their highest temperature, they will drop Firaga Supplies that X.Borg can pick up. Picking up a Firaga Supply restores 10% of X.Borg’s Armor’s HP in Firaga Armor State and 10 energy in Armorless State.

Armorless State: X.Borg’s Basic Attack becomes ranged, Fire Missiles and Fire Stake are adjusted, and X.Borg becomes unable to cast Last Insanity during Armorless State. He is able to regenerate his armor’s energy while in Armorless State by picking up Firaga Supplies and when his energy becomes full, he will re-equip his Firaga Armor, restoring the Firaga Armor’s HP according to 30% of his total Max HP and returning Fire Missiles and Fire Stake to their normal state while being able to cast Last Insanity again.

X.Borg’s passive works a bit like a double edged sword. When harnessed properly, it can make him feel like an unkillable tank that can continuously absorb damage. However, if misused, it can lead to X.Borg not having any impact at all since he won’t be able to use his ultimate when in his Armorless state. Mastering this passive is key to mastering X.Borg.

First Skill – Fire Missiles

X.Borg activates the flamethrower and fires in the specified direction, continuously dealing 25 / 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 / 100 (+50% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage for 2 seconds. Enemies that reach their highest temperature will take True Damage instead.

Armorless State: X.Borg adjusts the flamethrower to a narrower angle and longer distance, but reducing the damage to only 60% of the damage than in Firaga Armor State or 18 / 26.4 / 34.8 / 43.2 / 51.6 / 60 (+30% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage.

This is X.Borg’s primary damaging ability. It’s good for clearing minion waves so it’s perfect for pushing and applying pressure in lanes. It’s also great at dealing sustained DPS which is what you’ll mostly be doing when trading against enemies.

Second Skill – Fire Stake

X.Borg shoots 6 Fire Stakes at the edge of the fan-shaped area and charges them for 1.7 seconds, after which the stakes are taken back into his body. Each stake deals 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 (+20% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies in the path and pulling them back. If the Fire Stake touches Firaga Supplies in its path, it will take them back as well.

Armorless State: X.Borg adjusts the Fire Stake Launcher to send the stakes farther away and shortens the gap between the stakes.

This is X.Borg’s only form of crowd control. It’s not the most reliable since it can easily be dodged but it synergizes greatly with the rest of his kit. Use this to keep targets close and prevent them from escaping when you use your first skill or your ultimate. It will also pick up Firaga Supplies along its path so it’s great for collecting them without having to go near your opponent.

Ultimate – Last Insanity

X.Borg charges forward in a designated direction and shoots fire around his area for 3 seconds, continuously dealing 200 / 250 / 300 (+100% Extra Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage and slowing enemies by 25%. If he hits an enemy hero during the charge, he will stop charging and slow the target by an extra 40% while gradually slowing himself down.

He will then self-destruct, dealing 300 / 500 / 700 + 15% of the target’s Max HP points of True Damage to nearby enemies and destroying his Firaga Armor, immediately entering Armorless State afterwards.

Use again: X.Borg immediately ends the flame spray and self-destructs right away.

This ability is what makes X.Borg super dominant in team fights. It deals a lot of burst damage and can effectively take out a huge portion of the enemies’ health when hit by it. The only problem is that it makes X.Borg vulnerable both while using it and after using it. So, figuring out the timing of when to use this ability is crucial. We recommend casting this ability right after your team initiates with strong crowd control or right after the enemy team has used up theirs. 


When it comes to item builds, you’ll mostly be running the same items on X.Borg. Your primary focus should be increasing his overall DPS, sustain, and survivability. As such, there are a few items that are must haves in X.Borg every time you play him. These core items are Bloodlust Axe, War Axe, Immortality, and Glowing Wand.

  • Bloodlust Axe

+70 Physical ATK

+10% CD Reduction

+20% Spell Vamp

  • War Axe

+35 Physical ATK
+550 HP
+10% CD Reduction

Unique Passive – Fighting Spirit: Dealing damage to enemies grants 9 Physical Attack and 3 Physical Penetration per second for 3s, to a max of 8 stacks (Marksmen/Mages/Supports only receive 33% of these stacked effects); also grants 15% Movement Speed at full stacks.

  • Immortality

+800 HP

+40 Physical Defense

Unique Passive – Immortal: Resurrect 2.5s upon death and gets 16% Max HP and 220-1200 shield that lasts for 3s. (Scales with level) This effect has a CD of 210s.

  • Glowing Wand

+400 HP

+75 Magic Power

+5% Movement SPD

Unique Passive – Scorch: Skill Damage will burn the targets for 3s, dealing 1% of the target’s Max HP as Magic Damage per second (damaging the same target multiple times within a short duration can increase this damage to 2% at most), 10 damage minimum.

Having all these items will increase X.Borg’s effectiveness as a fighter hero. Bloodlust Axe gives him spell vamp which increases his sustain, War Axe lets him get stronger the longer he stays in a fight, and Immortality gives him durability. While he won’t exactly benefit from the Magic Power from Glowing Wand, it gives X.Borg Movement Speed, HP, and a passive that increases his DPS.

Useful Tips

  1. For emblems, always take the Fighter set with Festival of Blood as your talent. This gives him bonus Spell Vamp which drastically increases his sustain and lets him stay in fights longer.
  2. For battle spells, always take Flicker. While Purify is also a viable option, Flicker has more use and utility. You can use it to help stick to targets whenever they try to dodge your ultimate with their own mobility. 
  3. We’ve mentioned before that X.Borg is easily countered by heroes with strong crowd control. Heroes like Khufra, Tigreal, Guinevere, Lesley, and Chou are some of the common counters to X.Borg in the current meta.

So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know on how to play X.Borg in Mobile Legends. Be sure to check back with us again for more awesome guides on your favorite games. Have fun!