How To Play Twitch Games On Mac

Twitch is more than just a streaming service. It is a community where you can find new friends to play with and kill some time. Of course, Twitch becomes world-famous because of the game-related content that you can see. But in recent years, it has transformed into some sort of social network.


You can use Twitch services free. However, if you choose to pay for a subscription, you will get some juice benefits. For example, Twitch prime offers its holders free games. You can download the titles and play them whenever you want. And the best of all is free! No, one time is not enough. However, there is a slight hiccup; Twitch games only work with the desktop app. Not a problem? Hold on. These games are .exe files. Does this mean that Mac users have to say goodbye to those free games? Not yet. There is a workaround for this problem. Let’s find which it is.

You must have Windows OS to be able to open these .exe files. Thankfully, Apple knows that they have compatibility issues and created Bootcamp as a response. This in-built tool lets you run Windows OS on your Mac as if it were the native OS! This is, indeed, great news. Now, you don’t have to cancel your Twitch prime subscription because you can’t enjoy your games.

Step 1

Go to the Windows official ( page to download Windows OS ISO archive. Then, click on the Download the tool now option. It is the blue button next to the computer. 

Step 2

Click on the archive as the download finishes. Wait a few seconds as the app might take some time to boot; it is no joke; it will take its good 5 minutes. 

You have to select between to actions. Either upgrade your current PC or create an installation media device; choose the latter.

Step 3

Now, you have to choose the windows version that you wish to install on your Mac. By default, it will recommend the best version suitable for your current PC. But if you want to change it, disable the “use the recommended options for this PC” option that is beneath all the configurations; set the OS to your liking. Then, hit next when you are ready.

Step 4

Choose the ISO file option, and the OS will download on your Mac; hit the next button to choose the destination folder. 

Step 5

Open Bootcamp on your Mac. Then choose the path where do you have the ISO file. It should be on the home screen if you were smart. 

Note: Bootcamp will ask you how much space do you what to spare for Windows. You should choose a space greater than 4 Gb. However, you should spare much more than that. Wait until the installation finishes. 

Step 6

Your device will restart and will ask you which Windows version do you want. The important part is when it shows you where you want to install Windows OS. You must choose the partition that says Bootcamp; you might need to format it before you can use it. 

Follow the on-screen instructions, and once the installation finishes, your Mac will reboot. 

Step 7

Now, all that is left is for you to install the drivers to enhance your experience, and play your Twitch games!


If you wish to switch between OS, you just need to restart your system and hold the alt button on your keyboard. The two OS will appear on the screen; use the arrows or mouse to choose the one that you wish to use. Now, there is no reason to cancel your Twitch subscription!