How To Play The Amazon Firestick On A Projector

The Amazon Firestick is a versatile streaming device that goes from strength to strength. From the original USB dongle that opened up streaming to the masses to the new Fire TV Cube with 4K and a huge range of compatible apps. The one thing you’re not short of is choice when it comes to the Firestick. We all know how well it works on a TV, but what about if you wanted to play the Amazon Firestick on a projector?


Before LCD and LED screens broke the 60” mark, the projector was the main way to enjoy movies or TV shows on the big screen. They are usually part of a home cinema setup with surround sound speakers, amplifier, media player and roller screen but you can use a projector and speaker setup if you don’t have all that. It won’t give the same level of immersion as a home cinema but it will do for family get togethers small scale events.

How you put everything together depends on the projector you have. Some will have multiple HDMI input ports where you can connect the Amazon Firestick directly into it and play from there. Others won’t have sufficient power for the HDMI or won’t have HDMI at all. The Firestick does have its own power but when experimenting for this tutorial, an older projector I tried just couldn’t hack it.

Play the Amazon Firestick on a projector with multiple HDMI

If you have a small home cinema setup with a projector and amplifier, you may be able to connect the Amazon Firestick directly into your projector. As long as the outlet is close enough for the Firestick power lead it should work fine. The Firestick runs the OS so you don’t have to worry about the projector not being able to handle it. The projector will just see the signal from the Firestick, which is will be able to display without any problem.

Connect the Firestick into an HDMI input on the projector. Connect the projector output to your audio amplifier and your amplifier to your speakers. Make sure the Firestick is on your home WiFi network and you should be good to go.

Play the Amazon Firestick on a projector through a TV or Aux input

If your projector won’t take the signal from the Firestick directly, you can play it to your projector through a TV or Aux input. In this case, the Aux input could be a video signal amplifier for the projector if you use one of those. Not all TVs have HDMI outputs so you may have to use composite or DVI. If you’re using a signal amplifier, you can connect the Firestick directly to that.

Assuming your TV has an HDMI output, connect your TV to your projector using HDMI cable output from the TV to input on the projector. If you have an audio amplifier, connect the output from the TV to the input on the amplifier. Connect audio out from your amplifier to your speakers. Connect your Firestick to your TV as normal and set your TV to output to the projector.

It’s a complicated arrangement but does work. Your main limitation here is cable length and what outputs your TV has. Depending on your setup, running an HDMI from a TV to a projector could require a few feet of cable!

Play the Amazon Firestick on a projector through a laptop or media server

You can do much the same thing with a laptop or computer media server depending on what you have. Laptop is probably easiest as you can place it close to the projector. Again, much depends on what connectors your laptop and your projector has. Most laptops will have a single HDMI port but will also have DVI. As long as your projector has a DVI input or you have an HDMI to DVI converter, you should be good to go.

Connect your Firestick to your laptop’s HDMI port. Connect your laptop to the projector using DVI, connect your amplifier to the audio jack on the laptop. Set the video output to DVI if it isn’t picked up automatically and set the audio to the headphone jack so it plays from the amplifier.

A laptop easily has enough power for the Firestick or you could use the power connector that comes with it.

Those are the three ways I know of to play the Amazon Firestick on a projector. Which you use will depend on the hardware you have to hand. Do you know of any other way to get a Firestick working on a projector? Tell us about it below if you do!