How To Play Tempest In Spellbreak

Hello future Tempest mains, and welcome to the SwipeTips guide on how to play Tempest in Spellbreak! This class is one of the most fun, but most difficult classes to play in Spellbreak. Learn how to utilize it in this guide!

To play Tempest in Spellbreak, equip the Wind Gauntlet in your loadout screen and start the game. Make sure you put in some practice to maximize your mobility!

We’ll be discussing how to play Tempest effectively in the following sections, including spells, skill levels, combos, and some quick tips on how to play this highly mobile class.

What is Tempest in Spellbreak?

Tempest is one of the six playable schools of magic in Spellbreak. The Tempest is a high-mobility, high-aggression class that excels in being on the move, flying through the map using their mobility-focused skillsets. They specialize in dealing high amounts of damage while staying out-of-reach of their enemies.

A Tempest main is a must in every squad, as each teamfight presents an opportunity for the Tempest to harass and finish off enemy targets, while dancing through the battlefield with ease. They’re great in CQB and can be dangerous when left alone, thanks to how its spells interact with others.

Spellbreak Tempest Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons for the Tempest class in Spellbreak


  • Has very high mobility
  • Counters many spells and sorceries
  • Great combos and synergy


  • Weak to sniping from Lightning and Frost users
  • Damage fall-off is quick

Tempest in Spellbreak: Spells and Sorceries

The Tempest starts with a Wind Gauntlet. It is one of the toughest classes to master, but also one of the most annoying to deal with for enemies.


Tornado is the sorcery skill for the Wind Gauntlet. It conjures a tornado that pulls enemies in towards the middle, and pulls airborne opponents harder. The caster can be pulled in if you haven’t unlocked Updraft yet.

These are the Tempest class’ skills:

Wind Shear

Your primary attack is the Wind Shear, which sends blades of wind towards your enemies at a fast rate. It has one of the highest fire rates in the game, but also the lowest damage.

It interacts with a lot of spells and even counters some. We’ll get into that later.

Wind Surge

Firing your Wind Shear on the ground or a wall will boost you into a Wind Jump, your bread and butter as Tempest. Can be combined to chain movement through the map. The closer you are to the surface, the farther you’re launched. Mana recharge delay is increased while Wind Jumping.


Makes you immune to squad Tornadoes. Also lets you use the Tornado sorcery to launch yourself in the air, giving you more mobility.


Increases your spell damage by 10% every second you are in midair, with a maximum of a 30% increase. This skill is what really makes the Tempest one of the deadliest classes in Spellbreak.

Sudden Gust

Reduces cooldown for sorceries while in the air by -100%.

Spellbreak Tempest Spell Interactions


Wind Shear destroys ice puddles and turns them into ice mist, freezing enemies on contact.


Change the trajectory of Fireballs and put out Fire Walls in a snap.


Tornadoes are electrified when a Lightning Bolt is fired through it, shocking players on impact.


Wind Shear can remove a toxic cloud in 5 hits, and also turn poison puddles into mist that poisons enemies on contact.


Change the trajectory of Boulderfall slightly, deflecting it or extending its range.

Spellbreak Tempest Spell Combos

To maximize your damage as Tempest, you need to make good use of the Tornado spell by combining it with different elements, particularly Fire, Toxic, and Lightning.

Tornado + Toxic

Firing poison into a Tornado will turn it into a Toxic Tornado that pulls enemies in, dealing corrosive damage.

Tornado + Lightning

Shooting a lightning bolt into a tornado turns it into a lightning storm, pulling enemies in and dealing continuous lightning damage.

Tornado + Fire

Sending a fireball through a tornado will turn it into a fire tornado, pulling enemies in and dealing fire damage over time.

Spellbreak Tempest: Tips and Tricks

Here are some quick tips and tricks for playing Tempest on Spellbreak:

  • Learn how Tempest skills interact with other elements.
  • Use element interactions to your advantage.
  • Wind Shear is reliable if you can hit all your shots, and can easily melt enemies at close range. Be mindful of the damage fall off.
  • Your tornado, used with other elements, will help you deal damange and do crowd control.
  • Learn the rhythm of your wind shear. It is possible to Wind Jump indefinitely with the correct timing.
  • Spend some time in the practice range to figure out how the movement works in every terrain, and use it to your advantage.
  • Stay mobile and avoid hovering as you will be exposed to frost and lightning snipers.
  • Practice your aim so you can deflect and reposition boulderfalls and fireballs into enemy.

Wrap Up

To recap, here’s how you play Tempest in Spellbreak:

  • Go to the game lobby.
  • Select a game mode.
  • Start the game mode.
  • Select Tempest in the selection screen.

Follow these tips, tricks, and strategies so you can be the best Tempest main you can be!