How To Play Spotify On Discord

Discord may be primarily about chat but it is capable of so much more. Lively servers include YouTube videos, music, voice chat, text chat, image sharing and all kinds of interactions. One of the more useful is the ability to link your Spotify account with Discord and play music on the server. This tutorial is going to show you how to play Spotify on Discord.


The ability to play Spotify on Discord was introduced back in 2018 and went down well. Like most things on the platform, integration is very straightforward and it just works. No fuss, no messing around. As long as you have a Spotify account and share similar tastes in music as others on your server, you’re good to go.

Play Spotify on Discord

You can do this a couple of ways depending on how you’re set up. You can connect your Spotify and Discord accounts directly or you can use a bot. Spotify has its own bot or you can link Spotify to other bots such as Groovy.

Link Discord with Spotify

The easiest way to play music on Discord is to link your two accounts directly. Once done, any streams you listen to on Spotify will automatically appear on your profile. Other users can then select your profile to see that you’re listening to something. You can also invite people to listen in along with you if that’s your thing.

Do this on desktop:

  1. Select the gear icon by your user name to access User Settings.
  2. Select Connections from the left menu.
  3. Select the green Spotify icon in the main pane to connect.
  4. Enter your Spotify login details in the popup or browser window that appears.
  5. Agree to link your Spotify account with Discord if you see the notification.

Do this on mobile:

  1. Select the user icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select Connections.
  3. Tap the add at the top of the screen and then choose green Spotify icon.
  4. Enter your Spotify login details in the popup window that appears.
  5. Agree to link your Spotify account with Discord if you see the notification.

You should now see Spotify appear in the Connections window as a connected service. From now on it will work in the same way other connected services do. When you go back to a channel, you should see a green notification by your profile with a track listing underneath showing what you’re playing right now.

If you subscribe to Spotify, you will have the option to invite others to listen with you. If you’re a free user, you won’t have this option.

If someone else on your channel is listening to Spotify, you may see a ‘Listen Along’ button underneath the track list. Select this to have audio played to you too.

Use a bot to play Spotify on Discord

There is a Spotify bot available for Discord but I have never used it. I use the Groovy bot as it’s a very capable bot that can do more than just play music. Either way, you can play music to your channel rather than just individuals you invite or who select to Listen Along. This isn’t quite so popular as we all have different tastes but lots of servers play music to fill up dead air.

The Groovy bot would be my choice for this.

  1. Invite the Groovy bot to your server.
  2. Authorize Groovy to operate on your server.
  3. Select the three dot More icon at the top of the bot settings.
  4. Open Spotify on your device and copy the playlist or stream URL you are listening to.
  5. Select Share and Copy Playlist Link.
  6. Paste your link into the box after the ‘-play’ command.

To copy the track link, select the three dot menu icon by the track in Spotify and select Copy Song Link. If you want to link a playlist, open your playlist, select the three dots beside it in Spotify and select Copy Playlist Link. Paste this into Groovy and it should pick it up and begin playing. If you’re on a desktop and not a phone, you may need to select Share and then Copy link.

Of the two methods to play Spotify on Discord, I recommend the first. This gives other users the choice whether to listen or not and won’t inflict your taste in music on other users. It is dependent on you being a premium subscriber but is a much fairer solution. Of course, if you’re the server owner, you can do whatever you want. It’s one of the perks of being in control!

Do you know of any other ways to play Spotify on Discord? Other bots that work as well as Groovy? Tell us about it below if you do!