How To Play Reyna In Valorant

Reyna is a duelist agent in Valorant that thrives from harvesting Soul orbs that drops from enemies she kills. She is one of the agents in the game that can take a whole team on a fight. In our guide below, we’ll show you her abilities and how to use them effectively in your games on Valorant.


In Valorant, you can choose to use an agent that compliments the gameplay and playstyle you prefer. For example, duelist agents like Jett and Yoru are the best for people who like to seek engagements and frags every round.

If you’re one of those people, you might enjoy picking Reyna as your main agent in Valorant. While her signature abilities require Soul orbs from eliminated enemies, their effects are rewarding. As long as you’re confident with your aim and can secure a couple of kills, I’m sure that you’ll find this agent as one of the best inside the game.

With that in mind, here’s a quick guide about Reyna’s abilities on Valorant. After learning about them, you can try testing the agent on Spike Rush and Unrated games until you’re confident enough to play her in Ranked matches.

Everything you need to know about Reyna’s abilities on Valorant

Reyna is an agent in Valorant that relies on fragging or assists to pop off. She can gather orbs from fallen enemies to buff herself for healing or making her invulnerable for a few seconds.

If you’re confident with your crosshair placement and aiming skills, you might enjoy using Reyna as your main agent in Valorant. Follow our quick guide below to learn about her abilities and how to use them effectively in your games.

Soul Harvest (Passive Ability)

Enemies that get killed by Reyna or ones that die within 3 seconds of taking damage from her drops Soul orbs that lasts for 3 seconds. You’ll need these orbs to activate her signature skills that can either heal or make her intangible.

Leer (Basic Ability – C)

Equip an ethereal eye that can apply “Nearsight” to enemies that sees it after activating. You can buy two charges per round, and each one costs 250 credits.

To use Leer, aim your crosshair to where you want to place the eye and left-click (Fire button). The ability lasts for full two seconds or until someone shoots it down with their bullets. You can activate it high up in the air or low on the ground to mess up your enemy’s crosshair placement.

You can use Leer to clear angles and enter sites with ease. However, be careful in immediately peeking after casting the ability since the enemy can shoot it down pretty quickly.

Although you can use this ability to bait out enemies and reveal their position, it works both ways. Using Leer can also give sound cues that can alert enemies that you’re pushing into the site.

Devour (1st Signature Ability – Q)

Using Devour consumes a nearby Soul orb, tethering to it to heal herself 100 HP over 3 seconds. You can use up to two Devour charges per round (shared with Dismiss), and each one costs 200 credits.

This ability can “overheal” Reyna to a maximum of 150 HP (including her shield) that decays after 25 seconds. Taking any damage or encountering obstacles that block the Soul orb breaks the tether, ending your heal much earlier.

Since the Devour and Dismiss share charges, you might want to wait until the coast is clear before casting the healing ability.

Dismiss (2nd Signature Ability – E)

Using this ability consumes a nearby Soul orb which makes Reyna intangible and gives her a short burst of movements speed for 2 seconds. You can use up to two Dismiss abilities per round (shared with Devour), and each charge costs 200 credits.

Pressing “E” activates the Dismiss ability instantly, consuming the orb while making Reyna immune to bullets and damage from enemies. You can use this ability to escape unfavorable situations and head back to cover.

You can press the ability key again to cancel Dismiss early, which can help you catch enemies off-guard. Once the ability ends, it gives sound cues that can give away your position on the map.

Empress (Ultimate Ability – X)

Enter a frenzied state that increases your fire rate, reload and equip speed by 15%. It also allows Reyna to use abilities that requires Soul orbs without consuming a charge.

Empress lasts for 30 seconds after activating that resets once you get a kill. Getting a kill automatically casts Devour for free without consuming a Soul orb. This ability also enhances Dismiss, granting you invisibility on top of being intangible.

With these buffs to your other abilities, Empress is one of the best abilities that can help you clutch a round. Each frag can heal you back up to full HP, giving you the confidence to take more fights. If things get bad, you can always use Dismiss to get out of engagements quickly and choose another angle to contest.

To wrap things up

Although Reyna’s signature abilities require her to secure kills to harvest a Soul orb, their effects are one of the best inside the game. The Devour ability allows her to heal 100 HP while using Dismiss gives the agent immunity from bullets and other damage.

If you’re confident with your aiming skills, give Reyna a try after unlocking her agent contract. On the other hand, if you prefer a support role, we recommend playing Sage as a start.

That’s everything we have on our guide! For more gaming tips, tricks, and tutorials, visit us frequently and check our daily posts and updates.