How To Play Pyromancer In Spellbreak

Want to learn how to play the Pyromancer in Spellbreak? You’re in luck because today we’ll be teaching you how to play this fiery class in Spellbreak, and how you can git gud!


To play Pyromancer in Spellbreak, you need to select the class in the loadout screen on any game mode.

But of course, you need to learn what exactly the Pyromancer can do in the right hands. Read on to see how you can use the Pyromancer effectively!

What is Spellbreak

Spellbreak is a new battle royale-style game that sets itself apart from the rest by using magic as its main draw. Each spell interacts uniquely with another, which makes fights a constantly stressful encounter that requires quick reflexes and thinking.

The game was released for all major platforms: PC through the Epic Games store, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. As backwards compatibility is a feature for both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, you can expect to continue playing Spellbreak through there.

What is Pyromancer in Spellbreak?

The Pyromancer is one of the classes you can play in Spellbreak. Their kit revolves around fire. It is a well-balanced, simple-to-use but hard-to-master class. Pyromancers excel in close to medium range combat, create good area denial, and deal heavy AoE damage at the cost of slow-moving projectiles.

Spellbreak Pyromancer: Pros and Cons

Every class in Spellbreak has pros and cons to them, and the Pyromancer is no different. Here is a list of Pros and Cons for the Pyromancer class in Spellbreak.


Consistent and high DPS
AoE Spells and zone control capability
Compatible skills with most gauntlets


AoE works both ways
Not as good in long range encounters

Spellbreak Pyromancer Skills and Sorceries

Let’s talk a bit about how the Pyromancer kit works.

Fire Gauntlet

Your main hand is the Fire Gauntlet.

Its spell, Fireball, sends a ball of fire flying at moderate speed towards your enemy. It explodes on contact and deals damage based on how close the target is to the explosion. It also releases a Flame Puddle that lasts for 6 seconds if it hits the ground. Deals damage to yourself and your squadmates.

Flamewall is your sorcery. It conjures a wall of fire perpendicular to the caster’s position. It applies the Ignite effect on your enemies for 2 seconds, blocks ice and toxic projectiles, and damage its caster without the proper skill.

Pyromancer Skills

The Pyromancer’s skills are focused around dealing damage and providing area denial, while also allowing for some extra mobility.


Pyromancers start with Combust. Compared to the base gauntlet, this skill boosts Fireball’s explosion radious by +200%. It also Ignites the target for two seconds, dealing damage over time.


At level 2, Pyromancers become immune to Flamewall, both theirs and their squadmates’. Upon entering the Flamewall, Pyromancers are granted two seconds of Flight.


At level 3, Pyromancers get to boost their Firewall’s damage for two seconds. The boost is applied immediately after casting, and turns the Flamewall’s color into blue for two seconds.


Fireballs now spawn four smaller Fireballs at 90 degree angles. Each Fireball deals 5-10 damage based on its proximity to the center of its explosion.

Spellbreak Pyromancer Combos and Element Interactions

One of Spellbreak‘s main draws are the interactions their spells have with one another. Having a main and offhand gauntlet allows you to pull off some fantastic interactions with the Fire element. Here is how each element reacts to Fire so you can choose the loadout that best appeals to your playstyle.

Fire + Wind

Firing Wind Shear at Firewalls or Fire puddles causes them to go out.

Sending a Fireball through a Tornado ignites the latter, dealing damage over time while pulling enemies in.

Fire + Toxic

Firing Toxic Spray through a Firewall turns it into Dragon Fire, a greenish fire that deals fire and corrosion damage over time.

Fireballs can ignite Toxic Clouds and toxic puddles, sending a blast of Dragon fire in a short radius and removing the toxic elements from the ground.

Fire + Ice

Ice cancels out Fire, with both the Ice Lance and Flash Freeze.

Fire + Stone

Fire ignites Shockwave, hitting the target with stone and fire damage. Does not ignite players.

Fire also ignites Boulderfall, with targets getting hit by extra fire damage and being ignited for two seconds. Also leaves a fire puddle when hitting the ground.

Fire + Lightning

Fire and Lightning have no interactions. Yes, boring, I know.

These spell combos can help turn the tide in battle, when used right. Experiment and see which one of these combos suit your playstyle!

Spellbreak Pyromancer Tips and Tricks

To get you started before your first game, here are some quick tips and tricks for the Pyromancer. It’s one of the easiest classes to pick up, but one of the hardest to truly master, so read on!

  • Fireballs travel slowly, and take time to hit the enemy. They work best in close to medium range encounters.
  • Be mindful of your AoE damage and make sure your friends don’t get caught in the fire.
  • Use Firewall for area denial, to keep an enemy from pushing one side or to block an escape route.
  • Firefly works best when you enter the Firewall at an angle, allowing you to make the most of the boost and travel further.
  • Shockwave and Boulderfall can block Fireballs.
  • Dragonfire can eat up an enemy’s armor in no time.

Wrap Up

To wrap this up, here’s how you play Pyromancer in Spellbreak

  • Go to the game lobby.
  • Select a game mode.
  • Select “Pyromancer” in the loadout selection screen.
  • Read this guide and practice!

Good luck future Pyro main, and may your flame burn blue!