How To Play Podcast On Google Home

Google comes with podcasts integrated with the Play Music application for android users. It is here to note that it currently made an explicit Podcast application available as well for the interested people. However, more people are interested in playing a podcast on Google Home. Good news for such people is that it is very much possible. After all, this can be the most straightforward way to play the Podcast and pretty easily.

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There are, in fact, a couple of ways available to play podcast on Google Home. It can be done by making use of the voice, and also can be done by casting. Interestingly, both methods are fairly easy. Provided below is the details regarding both the methods.

Playing the Podcasts on Google Home with Your Voice

Anyone is obvious to prefer the simplest and the quickest possible way.  In this context, the most straightforward and quickest option would be to tell the Google Assistant to play the podcast you are interested in hearing too.

The process can be initiated for the podcast by simply using your voice and saying ’OK Google’, play (the name of the podcast). For example, you are crazy about the XYZ podcast, or you simply play the same consistently. All that you need is to tell Home that ‘play the latest episode of the XYZ’.  Interestingly, it gets exactly what you are looking for and goes for playing the same thing accordingly.

Flexibilities provided:

One of the advantages of playing a podcast on Google Home is also the level of flexibility it provides to the user. For example, it allows the user to make the play get paused and resume the same again through voice commands. One may stop and start altogether again, as well. The most important thing that has to be kept in mind is that when someone goes to resume the podcast that was paused earlier, it is important (in fact necessary) to specifically mention the exact name prior it is going function or operate. For example, if you paused while playing XYZ, you have to specifically tell that ‘Hey Google, continue listening to the XYZ podcast’. This way, it is going to start from where it was paused. It is here to note that this is the command recommended by Google. Naturally, it works the base when it comes about resuming the paused play. It is thus advised to use the same command for the best result.

One may also love to have the option of playing things in terms of the specific episode by stating the exact number. There are various other podcasts that offer this privilege to the users or to tell the specific episode number. However, Google Home, unfortunately, is not providing this facility. Google Home is not having any kind of command in this regard. If someone still stubbornly states the episode number, all that he/she is going to listen is the latest episode of the podcast of the concerned show name. For example, if someone asks for the 9th episode of XYZ, it is only going to deliver the latest episode of XYZ. Fine if 9th episode is the latest. Otherwise, you have to listen to the 9th episode only.

Using the ‘Cast’ feature on Google Home

Telling Google Home to play a specific podcast, as mentioned above, can be a simple way indeed. However, this method may not be the only option. The level of flexibility in the above method is indeed comparatively lesser. The other feature provided by Google Home is ‘Casting’, which indeed provides a greater level of flexibility. Loyal Google Home users can indeed find this a nice option.


This feature of ‘Casting’ should be available integrally with most of the android apps. Well, it’s true though that the same is not available for Google’s native Podcast app. This may also be tough to find in case of iOS.  For Apple users, Pocket Casts is indeed the best option coming with native Cast support.

Anyway, through Casting feature, one can cast the podcast with the Google Home first and then smoothly use it while being in the vehicle or having the headphone for later use. This flexibility is the speciality of the Cast feature by Google Home. All that one need is to click on the ‘Cast’ icon in any of the application supporting this feature and then selecting the speaker you wish to cast at. The podcast initiates instantly. One can also pause and play through the phone itself.