How To Play Omen In Valorant

Do you like abilities that can help you control certain parts on the map on Valorant? How about one that can teleport on top of those abilities? If that’s a yes, you can give Omen a try. In our guide below, we’ll introduce you to one of the earliest controller agents in Valorant. We’ll also discuss his abilities and situations where you can use them.


Although some agents in Valorant are relatively easy to play based on the average player, some of them, including Omen, may take most people some time to master. The agent’s kit allows you to use a flash, two smoke orbs, a short teleport, and a long-distance teleport you can use to move across the map in-game.

With the agent’s abilities, he can help the team take space, cover chokepoints, and control the map. Some players also use him aggressively with his Shroud Step and Paranoia ability.

If you find Omen interesting, you can activate his contract to unlock the agent and test him on your games. But before doing so,

How to use Omen’s abilities in Valorant

Omen is one of the agents that are difficult to learn for the average player. His abilities consist of setting up smokes, blinding enemies, and teleporting to different parts of the site and map.

If you think that you can handle Omen without negatively affecting your gameplay, we’ll discuss his Controller kit in our quick guide below. We’ll also give out a few tips on how to use his abilities in different situations in-game.

Note: We based these ability keys on the default keybinds on Valorant.

Shrouded Step (1st Basic Ability – C)

Teleport to a short distance that leaves an audio cue that nearby foes can hear. You can have up to two charges per round that each cost 150 credits.

You can use Shrouded Step to get on top of crates, cross entrances quickly, or go into unexpected angles, catching the enemy off-guard. All you have to do is equip the ability and left-click (Fire button) to use it. After a few seconds, you’ll reappear to the target location.

Although using this ability gives out sound cues that might tip off information to your enemies, you can also use it to fool them. You can teleport in place to confuse your enemies and distract them from checking your position.

Paranoia so that you can teleport on top of crates, pull out your gun, and annihilate the enemies inside the site before they can fight back. You can jump on a teleporter on some of the maps while casting this ability to fool your enemies.

Paranoia (2nd Basic Ability – Q)

Next is Omen’s Paranoia ability which blinds and deafens enemy foes hit by it. You can only use this ability once per round, and the charge costs 300 credits.

You can use Paranoia when entering bomb sites to blind and deafen unlucky foes that get hit by it, leaving them disoriented and confused. To activate the ability, aim your crosshair on where you want to teleport and left-click. You can use the green arrow as a guide to finding the exact spot where you want to reappear.

Like we mentioned earlier, you can use this ability before casting Shroud Step to prevent foes from hearing you teleport. But aside from that, you can also use it to support duelists on your team when they want to make aggressive plays.

Dark Cover (Signature Ability – E)

Place a shadow orb that can act as smoke or cover to prevent your foes from seeing through it. Dark Cover is Omen’s signature ability, and you start each round with one charge for free. If you use want two orbs from the start, the second one costs you 100 credits.

Once you equip the ability, you’ll see the map in a phased world to place orbs. Pressing the left and right mouse buttons adjusts the distance and move the mouse to choose where you want to use it. Pressing E activates the ability, while the reload button toggles the view.

You can use Dark Cover to block entrances and some usual spots on the map for a couple of seconds to cut off the enemy’s line of sight. You can also place it on top of some crates to create a “one-way smoke” that allows you to see your enemies while they can’t see you.

Advanced players also use it alongside Shroud Step to sneak inside areas where the enemies might be. Since it has a cooldown of 40 seconds, you can use more than two Dark covers per round, which can help you retake or defend sites even if the time is low.

From the Shadows (Ultimate Ability – X)

Omen’s ultimate ability, which costs seven ultimate orbs, allows you to teleport on any spot on the map. Using it also blurs your enemies’ radar for a few seconds, making it difficult for agents like Sova to use their ultimate.

Pressing X opens up the map, and clicking on any part of it activates the ability. It takes a couple of seconds before you can materialize to your desired location, and using From the Shadows leaves out sound cues that all your enemies can hear.

If you find the area dangerous, you can press the ability key once again to cancel the teleportation. When you’re in a pinch, you can fake out enemies by stopping your teleport and surprise them as they’re less likely to peek in your direction.

You can use From the Shadows to infiltrate the enemy’s backlines or move from one site to another in a matter of seconds. However, always remember that the sound cues can give away the position where you want to teleport.

To wrap things up

Now that you know about Omen in Valorant, it’s time to test whether he’s the right one for your playstyle or not. Once you master how to play this agent, I’m sure that you can create some amazing clips and gameplay with his abilities.

That’s all we have on our guide on Omen! If you want to read more gaming tips, tricks, and tutorials, visit us regularly and check our latest posts and updates.