How To Play Music For Participants In A Google Meet

Google has recently updated its online video conferencing tool, Google Meet, to allow users to share audio and video to all participants in a call. If you have been wondering how you can share your audio or music with everyone else in a meeting, we’ve got a detailed tutorial for you.

Since becoming free to use for everyone, not just G Suite members, Google has been updating its online video conferencing tool Google Meet to catch up to video conferencing competitors like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Backed by Google’s stellar safety and security features, Google Meet has positioned itself as the video conferencing tool of choice for businesses, educational institutions, and individuals.

As long as you have an existing Google account, you can start or join a meeting on Meetings don’t just have to consist of video or audio calls, though. With Google Meet, you can also share your screen for a presentation, or high-quality video and audio if you need to.

Sharing audio or video is relatively easy too, and you can control what you show or let others listen to. On Google Meet, you can share a Google Chrome tab that others on the call can listen to or watch. Read on to find out how.

Step 1. Get your Google Chrome tab ready. For security reasons, you can only share a Google Chrome tab while on a video call on Google Meet. In this example, we will be sharing a Google Slides presentation with video. You’ll want to get everything set up and ready before sharing your presentation to avoid any mishaps, so let’s fix the settings first.

Go to the Chrome tab with your Slides and click on the dropdown arrow on the Present button. Click on Presenter View to keep the presentation within the tab instead of fullscreen.

Step 2. You can now proceed to share your tab. Log into Google Meet to join an existing meeting or start your own.

On the Google Meet tab, click on Present now to bring up the list of options. Click on the third option, A Chrome tab. If you want the tab to feature only the music or video you’re playing, press the mic button to mute your mic.

Step 3. On the dropdown that appears, pick the Google Chrome tab that you want to share. Google Chrome will list all open tabs, so be sure to select only the tab that you plan to share. Make sure that the Share audio option is also checked before clicking on the Share button.

Step 4. Once you start sharing your tab, you’ll see a small message at the top to indicate that you’re sharing this particular tab. The blue border shows you what is being broadcast to the rest of the meeting participants.

This is how your tab will look like to other people in the call. Viewers will be able to hear your audio or see your video, but they cannot control your tab. Only you can control what everyone else can listen to or view on your tab.

Even if you’re only sharing music, your audience can still see what’s on your tab.

Step 5. When you’ve finished sharing your audio or video, you can click to stop the presentation on the active tab being shared. Alternatively, you can go to your Google Meet tab instead. There are three options on the Google Meet screen to stop the presentation.

Step 6. You can end the call by clicking on the Leave Call button. You can also leave the call while sharing your tab; the sharing feature will automatically stop as soon as you leave the call, though your audience might not appreciate the abrupt stop.

Take advantage of Google Meet’s high-quality audio and video sharing feature the next time you’re in a business meeting, online conference, or educational lecture. The next time you’re presenting, why not spice up your presentation with some audio or music?