How To Play Lulu In League Of Legends

Supports are the most underrated role in League of Legends. If you’re looking for a champion that can effortlessly carry games without dealing that much damage, Lulu just might be the perfect champion for you. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know to get started playing the Fae Sorceress.


Over the past few patches, Lulu has been the best support in the game. Everyone from the pros to challenger players and even players in low elo can succeed by playing this champion. The best thing about her is that she makes even the worst carry seem like the best player on their team. 

Champion Abilities

Lulu’s abilities revolve around empowering her allies so that they can survive and deal more damage. She’s one of the best support champions when it comes to keeping her teammates alive. She has a lot of CC and a lot of shields which is great when peeling for ADCs.

Passive – Pix, Faerie Companion

Pix fires magical bolts of energy whenever the champion he’s following attacks another enemy unit. These bolts are homing, but can be intercepted by other units. 

Lulu’s passive is great for trading auto attacks against other supports during the laning phase. Not to mention, it will greatly enhance your carry’s damage when this passive synergizes with your E and your support items.

Q – Glitterlance

Lulu and Pix each fire a piercing bolt of energy that deals magic damage and slows enemies by 80%, decaying over 2 seconds. Enemies take 25% more damage from additional bolts. 

Lulu’s primary poking tool. It can’t be dodge when you first cast your E onto an opponent. Its slow is pretty great too, which is useful for peeling or escaping ganks.

W – Whimsy

When used on an ally, Lulu grants 60 Move Speed and up to 35% Attack Speed for a limited amount of time. When used on an enemy, Lulu Polymorphs them for up to 2.25 seconds.

Another great cc tool for Lulu. When enemies are polymorphed, they turn into a cute little critter that has reduced movement speed and cannot cast spells. If you use it on an ally though, it gives them an insane move and attack speed buff that’ll help them kite or deal more damage.

E – Help, Pix!

When used on an ally, Pix jumps to them and grants the effects of the passive Pix, Faerie Companion for 6 seconds. If the ally is a champion, Pix also grants a shield that lasts for 2.5 seconds. When used on an enemy champion, Pix hampers them, dealing magic damage and granting true sight of them for 4 seconds.

The best support ability in Lulu’s entire kit. Not only will it shield your ally, it would also empower their basic attacks thanks to the passive. It’s also great for poking down enemies by using E and then Q for some unavoidable damage.

R – Wild Growth

Lulu enlarges an ally, knocking up surrounding enemies for 0.75 seconds. The enlarged ally gains bonus max health and slows surrounding enemies for up to 60% for 7 seconds. 

Lulu’s ultimate is what can turn the tides of a team fight. When used in conjunction with your E and W, your carries will be unstoppable. Be sure to use it at the right time so you won’t waste it when used prematurely. 

Runes and Item Builds

Lulu has a lot of choices when it comes to builds and runes. She’s a versatile champion that can work well with most support setups. But for this guide, we’ll only show you the best rune and item build that is guaranteed to work in any situation.

Starting Items

Nothing too special here. Lulu runs the standard Spellthief’s Edge + Health Potions combo that most enchanters start with. We do recommend that you change the Stealth Ward to the Oracle Lens as soon as your Spellthief’s Edge has transformed into a Shard of True Ice

Mythic Items

For your Mythic Item, the best choice would have to be Shurelya’s Battlesong. It has excellent support stats and it’s active synergizes well with your entire kit. You can use it defensively to escape from ganks or offensively to engage your enemies. Moonstone Renewer is a decent alternate Mythic but it would work better for champions with healing abilities. Since Lulu doesn’t have any healing abilities, she’s better off sticking with Shurelya’s instead. Locket of the Iron Solari can also be helpful in certain situations but the shield from Help, Pix! should be enough. Only take Solari when you’re dealing with high burst champions in the bot lane.

Full Build

After picking up your Mythic Item, go for an Ardent Censer next. This will empower whichever ally you shield with bonus on-hit damage and additional attack speed. For boots, take the Ionian Boots of Lucidity to reduce the cooldowns on your abilities. Next, go for a Chemtech Putrifier for more damage. This also gives you and whichever ally you shield Grievous Wounds on your next damaging ability or attack. Round out the build with a Redemption and a Staff of Flowing Water. Redemption’s active heal is useful during teamfights and Staff of Flowing Water can enhance your team’s ability power. If you don’t really have a mage on your team, you can swap Staff of Flowing Water with Mikael’s Blessing instead. This item has an active that can remove all crowd control and debuffs to its target. So ideally, your full build should look something like this:


For runes, take Summon Aery since it synergizes well with all of your abilities. Next, take Manaflow Band for additional mana, Transcendence for the cooldown reduction on your abilities, and Scorch for the additional burn damage it provides. For your secondaries, take Font of Life so that you’ll get a little bit of heal whenever your team attacks an enemy you used CC on, and Revitalize to further enhance your shields.

Useful Tips

  1. Positioning your E properly on the enemy team’s minions during the laning phase can be a great source of poke and harass.
  2. Lulu is a great counter to engage supports like Leona and Alistar. She is also a strong pick against assassins who could dive your backline like Zed, LeBlanc, or Talon.

For summoner spells, always take Flash and Exhaust. If you feel like you don’t need Exhaust, you can swap it out for Ignite or Heal.