How To Play Jett In Valorant

Do you prefer playing aggressively, where you seek engagements first in Valorant? If so, Jett is one of the best agents for you. Her abilities prioritize movement compared to other agents, making her the perfect choice for players that want to get high frags in a match. With that in mind, here’s a quick guide on how to use Jett in Valorant.


For starters, Valorant allows you to choose from 16 agents in each match. These agents go into different roles, namely the Initiator, Duelist, Controllers, and Sentinels. Each one of these roles compliments different playstyles such as entry-fragging, lurking, crowd controlling, and others.

Now, if you’re confident with your aiming skills and you prefer to play aggressively, you might opt to use one of the Duelists inside the game. One of the agents in this category is Jett, an agile agent from Korea that allows you more movement options through her abilities.

In our guide below, we’ll show you Jett’s abilities and how you can efficiently use them on your matches.

Everything you need to know about playing Jett in Valorant

Jett is one of the agents in Valorant that requires skill and experience to use effectively. With a kit that gives you mobility and escaping capabilities, it’s the best choice for an ultra-aggressive playstyle that’s quite deadly, especially if you have an accurate and precise aim.

If you want to use play as Jett in one of your games, you need to know how to use the agent’s abilities in certain situations and her general playstyle. Follow our guide below to learn how.

Note: We based the ability keys we listed below on the default setting on Valorant.

Glide (Passive Ability)

A passive ability you can use while holding the jump button that allows Jett to glide and stay in the air for a few seconds.

This ability allows Jett to glide after using Updraft or avoid fall damage from certain situations. It also gives her more movement options even without using any of her other abilities.

Cloudbourst (C Ability)

Fire a smoke grenade that lasts a couple of seconds to block the enemy’s sights temporarily. Hold the ability key and move your crosshair to curve the projectile. You can use up to three charges per round and cost 200 credits each.

You can use the Cloudburst Ability to block entrances, usual camp spots or help you escape. Some people use it with their other skills to enter sites faster, catching enemy agents off-guard, while others use it as a one-way smoke in site entrances.

Updraft (Q Ability)

Using this ability propels Jett high in the air, which gives more opportunities to catch the enemy agents off-guard. Each charge of Updraft costs 150 credits each, and you can use two per round. You can trigger the two uses consecutively to jump higher and sometimes over high walls.

You can use it to get on top of high crates and places where the enemy doesn’t usually check. You can also use it with Tailwind and Glide to get inside plant sites and surprise your enemies with your fast movement. Using it with your ultimate ability allows you to hit enemies with your daggers in the air.

For example, you can use Updraft to get into off-angles while using an Operator to hit enemies where they least expect it. However, always mix up your playstyle since they’ll expect it on the following rounds.

Tailwind (E ability)

Quickly dash in the direction that Jett’s moving. You can use this to get near enemies, escape from engagements, and move into cover faster.

While most people prefer to use it defensively, you can also use it with your other abilities to play aggressively and engage enemies quickly. For example, you can immediately dash when using an Operator to move out of danger after firing a shot, whether you hit an enemy or not.

Blade Storm (X ability)

Last but not least is Jett’s ultimate ability, Blade Storm. Once activated, your agent instantly draws five throwing knives that are quite deadly, especially if you’re good with your aim, since hitting a headshot with a blade kills the enemy target for 150 damage.

Left-clicking fires the blades one by one with great accuracy, even in long distances. On the other hand, right-clicking releases all of them at once for close-range engagements.

Each time you kill an enemy agent with this ability, the number of your blades resets back to five. It is the perfect ability to turn around the tide on crucial or “eco” rounds, even without equipping a strong weapon.

To wrap things up

Now that you know Jett’s abilities and how to use them in-game, you can go ahead and try using her on your unrated matches. Test different skill combinations and figure out what works for you before using her on your ranked games.

If Jett you haven’t unlocked Jett on your account, activate her contract and level it up to tier 5. You can earn experience points by playing games, accomplishing missions, or buying levels with Valorant points.

That’s everything we have on our guide about Jett! If you want more tips, tricks, and tutorials, visit us regularly, and check our daily posts and updates.