How To Play Irithel In Mobile Legends

Irithel is a strong marksman that can take out the entire enemy team in one fell swoop. Her combination of burst damage and DPS makes her a lethal hero under the right hands. Here’s everything you need to know to get you started playing the Jungle Heart.



Marksmen in Mobile Legends generally fall under two categories. The first category are the hyper carry heroes. These heroes are more auto attack based and rely on their basic attacks for most of their damage. They like to build Attack Speed items to increase their DPS. The second category are the burst marksmen. These heroes rely mostly casting their skills to deal most of their damage. These heroes focus more on buying items that increase their raw Physical Attack and items that enhance their basic attacks. Irithel is a unique marksman that actually fits both categories. 

You see, Irithel’s abilities allow her to deal massive damage in a very wide area. Because of this, she is an excellent team fighter. She scales well with items and is geared more towards being a late game carry. She is also a marksman that can move while attacking so, kiting with her is very easy. Her wave clear is one of the best in the game as all her abilities can deal damage to multiple targets. Combine all of these together and you have a hero that can be a late game hyper carry while also being a burst marksman. 


Irithel’s entire abilities are geared towards dealing massive damage to as many targets as possible while maintaining her safety through range and mobility.

Passive – Jungle Heart

Irithel and Leo know each other so well that allows her to shoot while moving. Each basic attack shoots out 3 heavy arrows (it takes a while to reload the heavy bow), each dealing 40% (Physical Damage) (Only the first arrow can trigger passive effects of equipment items).

In a nutshell, Jungle Heart allows Irithel to kite very effectively. Since she can move while using her basic attack, she can easily hit her enemies while repositioning. This opens up a lot of opportunities for her to stay safe while dealing massive damage.

First Skill – Strafe

Irithel shoots a round of arrows, dealing 450 / 490 / 530 / 570 / 610 / 650 (+60% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to the enemies in the area and reducing their Physical Defense by 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 for 3 seconds.

Strafe is a pretty straightforward ability. It deals damage to the targeted area while also reducing the Physical Defense of enemies hit by this ability. The Physical Defense reduction is a huge thing since it allows Irithel to deal a lot of damage against Tank heroes who try to stack Physical Defense in an attempt to counter her. It’s also a pretty good source of wave clear. Try to lead with this ability whenever you trade or when in a team fight.

Second Skill – Force of the Queen

Leo shouts loudly, dealing 200 / 230 / 260 / 290 / 320 / 350 (+60% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to the enemies in the area and reducing their Movement Speed by 40% for 2 seconds.

Force of the Queen is Irithel’s only ability with crowd control. When used, it deals pretty decent damage to enemies in its affected area while also slowing them by 40%. It’s a very handy ability to have since you can use it to chase fleeing targets or to escape the enemy. Since Irithel is a marksman, the enemy will always try to target her first in a fight. Having this ability slightly increases her chances of survival when ganked or focused.

Ultimate – Heavy Crossbow

Irithel controls Leo to jump forward and equips a heavy crossbow, after which her Basic Attack will deal 180 (+85% / 95% / 105% Total Physical Attack) points of Physical Damage to enemies for 15 seconds.

The heavy crossbolts explode upon contact, dealing the same amount of damage to nearby enemies.

Irithel also increases her movement speed by 30 and lasts 15 seconds.

Heavy Crossbow is Irithel’s ultimate and her signature ability. This is what makes her a burst DPS marksman. It allows her to deal massive damage and decimate whoever she focuses her attacks on. When built with the right items, Irithel’s basic attack can deal up to 2500 points of damage! That is absolutely insane and can easily take out squishy targets like other marksmen or mages with only a few hits. The splash damage also deals a lot of damage to those near your target so it’s perfect for teamfights. Upon casting, this ability will let Irithel leap a short distance which can be useful for both initiating or escaping.


When it comes to items, your focus should be increasing the damage you can deal with your basic attacks from Heavy Crossbow. To do this, you should buy items that increase your Crit Chance. While your builds will more or less be the same, there are three items that need to be present in most of your build paths. These core items are Berserker’s Fury, Scarlett Phantom, and Windtalker.

  • Berserker’s Fury

+65 Physical ATK

+25% Crit Chance

Unique Passive: +40% Critical Damage

Unique Passive – Doom: Crit hit will increase the hero’s Physical Attack by 5% for 2s.

  • Scarlett Phantom

+30 Physical ATK

+20% Attack Speed

+25% Crit Chance

Unique Passive – Frenzy: Crit hits increase the hero’s ATK Speed by 30% and Crit Chance by 5%. Last 2s.

  • Windtalker

+40% Attack Speed

+10% Crit Chance

+20 Movement SPD

Unique Passive – Typhoon: Every 5-3s, the next Basic Attack hits up to 3 enemy units and deals 150-362 Magic damage. The CD of this effect drops to the minimum when Crit Chance rises to 50%, while damage rises to the maximum when Attack SPD rises to 3.00. This attack can cause Crit Damage. To minions, deals 200% increased Damage.

Unique Passive – Activate: Each time Typhoon is cast, one’s movement speed will be increased 5% for a short time.

All these items come together to increase Irithel’s overall damage output. Just having these three items can ensure that Irithel can take out the enemy team’s carries with a few hits when given the opportunity.

Useful Tips

  1. For emblems, take the Marksman set and Electro Flash as your talent. This will allow Irithel’s Basic Attacks to increase her movement speed and restore a portion of her health. This makes kiting for her even easier.
  2. For your battle spell, take either Purify or Flicker when playing in a lane or Retribution when you intend to play in the Jungle. Flicker is the general, all purpose choice that adds another layer of mobility to Irithel’s kit while Purify lets you cleanse debuffs and crowd controls targeted at you. Retribution, on the other hand, is good for clearing jungle camps and securing objectives like Lord or Turtle.
  3. Irithel is very susceptible against heroes that outrange her, heroes that stick to her, and heroes that have more than one crowd control. Irithel’s hardest counters are Chou, Lesley, Gord, Natalia, Franco, and Karina.

So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know on how to play Irithel in Mobile Legends. Be sure to check back with us again for more awesome guides on your favorite games. Have fun!