How To Play Frostborn In Spellbreak

Want to learn how to play Frostborn in Spellbreak? This long-range, crowd control expert class rewards good aim and positioning and can hold enemies at bay easily.


To play Frostborn in Spellbreak, select the Frostborn class in the loadout selection menu. This will work for any game mode you want to play in.

Want to be a Frost main? Buckle up and read on, because we’ll be teaching you the best tips and tricks to play this excellent Spellbreak class.

What is Spellbreak?

Spellbreak is a new battle royale-style game that sets itself apart from the rest by using magic as its main draw. Each spell interacts uniquely with another, which makes fights a constantly stressful encounter that requires quick reflexes and thinking.

The game was released for all major platforms: PC through the Epic Games Store, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. As backward compatibility is a feature for both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, you can expect to continue playing Spellbreak through there.

What is Frostborn in Spellbreak?

Frostborn is a class of battlemage in Spellbreak, one of the 6 playable classes currently in the game.

It is a tactical, high-damage and long-range class with decent mobility, specializing in harassing enemies from afar and picking off targets. They work best in mid to long-range combat, and have mobility options to move and reposition quickly if they need to.

It is a high skill ceiling, but is also extremely rewarding to use when you get decent at it. If you have experience playing snipers in other shooter games, the Frostborn class may be right up your ceiling. A great Frostborn player will be able to turn the tables in any fight with a few clean shots.

Spellbreak Frostborn: Pros and Cons

Like with any Spellbreak class, the Frostborn has pros and cons. These can make or break the class for a player, who may choose to master or discard the class.


  • High damage output
  • Longest ranged spell in the game
  • Consistent fast movement
  • Can attack anywhere safely


  • Ineffective at close range
  • Can Damaged or Frozen on Ice Trails
  • Steep learning curve
  • Aim-biased

Spellbreak Frostborn Skills and Sorceries

Let’s talk about the kit you get when you play Frostborn.

Frost Gauntlet

Your main weapon is the Frost Gauntlet. Its spell is Ice Lance, and its sorcery is Flash Freeze.

Ice Lance

Ice Lance is your main attack. It unleashes a deadly ice arrow that flies straight to your target. It is the only spell that can be charged up before firing. Charging decreases your Run Speed but increases the mana cost, velocity, and damage.

Ice Lance is a projectile, and is affected by gravity just like other projectile spells.

Flash Freeze

Let out a blast of cold wind that chills the area around you. It slows opponents down by up to 50% for 1.5 seconds, before they are frozen. The edge of the area (6m) also blocks Fire, Wind, and Lightning projectiles.

Spellbreak Frostborn Skills

Like all classes, the Frostborn class levels up to 4, and each level comes with different skills that enhance the Frost Gauntlet’s powers.

Frozen Alacrity

At level 1, your Ice Lance leaves a trail of Ice Puddles. The puddles interact with many different elements. Frostborn can also skate through the Ice Trail, increasing their speed by +150%.


At level 2, you unlock Icicle. This skill lets you hover in midair for up to five seconds while aiming your Ice Lance, and also outlines visible targets in red for better target acquisition.


At level 3, you become immune to damage when casting Flash Freeze for 0.65 seconds. You also cleanse yourself of Ignite, Corrosion, and Slows.

Spellbreak Frostborn Combos and Element Interactions

Compared to other classes, Frostborns do not rely on their combos as much as they do on hitting their shots. However, there are still a few practical combos that you can do to maximize your playstyle.

Ice + Stone

Shockwave destroys the ice trail left by Alacrity, turning it into mist that freezes enemies on touch.

Shooting an ice trail after a Boulderfall turns the boulder into a glacier, dealing AoE frost damage.

Ice + Wind

Wind Shear destroys ice puddles, turning them into a mist that freezes enemies on touch.

Ice + Toxic

Shooting an Ice Lance through a Toxic Cloud freezes it, turning it into instant cover. Fireballs will still turn it into Dragonfire, however.

Ice puddles turn into Toxic puddles when hit by a toxic gauntlet’s spell.

Ice + Lightning

Shooting Lightning into an Ice trail or water puddle electrifies it, dealing damage over time to people in the area.

Ice + Fire

Ice and Fire counter each other completely.

Keep these combos in mind and you’ll learn how to use your Frost Gauntlet in smart, novel ways!

Wrap Up

To wrap this up, here’s how you play Frostborn in Spellbreak:

  1. Go to the game lobby.
  2. Select a game mode.
  3. Press “Play.”
  4. Select “Frostborn” on the loadout screen.

There you go! Good luck, Frost main, and don’t let us down.