How To Play Fortnite On Galaxy S10

Either if do not like games or if you are a casual gamer, you must have heard about Fortnite. This is a quite new game that was introduced in 2017. Three game modes are available; you can pay all of them from either a gaming console (PS4 or Xbox One) or a PC with Windows or MAC operating system. 


Fortnite grows its fame because of its battle royal mode. Where up to 100 users can play all at once. Ah! and I forgot; it is a free game, so there are a lot of people playing this game all the time; literally all the time. However, you have to pay for any extras that you wish to add to your avatar. 

Now, thanks to the tech advancements in the smartphone field, you can play Fortnite on the go! Yes, now you can play Fortnite on those boring and endless family gatherings. Of course, your phone has to be able to cope with the strain of the game. So be sure to check the requirements before downloading anything. 

One smartphone that will surely handle the strain is the new Samsung Galaxy S10. Actually, with its snapdragon 855, 8 GB of RAM, and 128 or 512 GB of internal storage, there is no task, game, or app that this device can’t run. But let’s get down to business, and see what you have to do to install Fortnite on your new S10. 

Step 1

Open a Chrome tab and head to Fortnite’s web page. Click on the yellow rectangle that says “get Fortnite”.

Step 2

Now, click on the Samsung option. It could also appear just the word download; don’t worry, it is the same thing. 

Step 3

A rectangle will appear as if it was a pop-up alert. Click on the open option, which is at the top of the pop-up.

Step 4

You will be transported to another page. Once there, click on the install option, which is at the bottom of the screen. 

Step 5

As the download process finishes, the screen will refresh and show options. One of which says launch and it is highlighted in yellow; click it

Note that you will have to download additional files before being able to play it. And in the event of an update, you will need to download some extra files as well. Because these complimentary files are big, we recommend you to download them only when you are connected to a WiFi network. Of course, if you do not mind an extra charge on your phone bill, you can disregard this warning.

That’s it; this is all the process that you have to follow to download Fortnite to your brand new S10. Obviously, the same process applies to all the other versions of the S10 such as the S10+. 

Bear in mind one thing; you can only play the Battle Royal version of the game. But something is better than nothing; right? Anyway, if you ask me, Battle Royal is the best Fortnite mode available. So, all that is left is to enjoy playing this game on the go!