How To Play Duos In Spellbreak

How do you play Duos game mode in Spellbreak? Duos in Spellbreak pits two players against other duos, which makes for very interesting fights. If you want to try the duos game mode for Spellbreak, check out this guide.


NOTE: While the game mode has been out since October, s of time of writing, Proletariat has locked the duos game mode, citing compatibility and network issues. Check back on this page to see if you can play duos in Spellbreak yet!

To play duos in Spellbreak, all you have to do is change the game mode you want to play in the game mode menu. You and your friend will now be thrown into a game together, pitted against several other squads.

Learn more about how you can play duos in Spellbreak by reading on!

What is Duos in Spellbreak?

Spellbreak is a new battle royale-style game that sets itself apart from the rest by using magic as its main draw. Each spell interacts uniquely with another, which makes fights a constantly stressful encounter that requires quick reflexes and thinking.

The game was released for all major platforms: PC through the Epic Games store, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. As backwards compatibility is a feature for both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, you can expect to continue playing Spellbreak through there.

Duos in Spellbreak is a game mode that lets you and one other person team up against other duos. Compared to Solos, having a teammate that can compliment your loadout can lead to interesting and highly explosive plays.

How to Play Duos in Spellbreak

Setting your game mode to duos is as easy as pie. You can play in duos with your friends or a random player on any platform, from PC, Xbox, PS4, to Nintendo Switch. You may also choose to turn crossplay on to play with your friends on consoles.

Step 1

Go to the game lobby.

Step 2

Enter your Game Mode settings by hitting the “Game Mode” button on the lower left hand side.

Step 3

Select “Battle Royale” to enter your BR mode settings. Please note that Duos is only available in the BR mode. Clash is 9v9 only, while practice and tutorial are both solo game modes.

Step 4

Once the drop-down box appears, select Duo. Unfortunately, as of time of writing, Duos has been locked for testing. We will update this information as soon as we hear more from Proletariat.

Step 5

Once you’re done, hit “Play” to get in a match. You may also add a friend if you wish.

Step 6

Portal in, drop at your favorite location, and frag out with your buddy!

And that’s how you play Duos in Spellbreak. Keep in mind that as of time of writing, duos is still locked. But it should be up pretty soon!

Is Playing Duos in Spellbreak Worth It?

Playing with friends is always a fun time, and especially so in Spellbreak. The game’s unique function of spell interactions is something that two people can take very good advantage of.

Playing Duos in Spellbreak is worth it. If you and your friend are both noobs, you two will be able to learn the ropes of the game together. If one of you is already pretty familiar with the game and one isn’t, the other can teach them about the best strats in the game.

Finally, if you’re both pretty good at Spellbreak, playing in duos will let you pull off some major plays that synergize with each other’s abilities, leading to an ez fat dub.

Strategies for Duos in Spellbreak

There are a few strategies that you can employ while you’re playing duos in Spellbreak. Using these strategies can help give you an advantage in teamfights, and increase your survivability for that fat W.

Constant Comms

Communicating every move you make (and every move your enemy makes) is good for duos as it keeps your situational awareness high. On your own, you might have trouble tracking what your enemies are doing, especially in a chaotic fight. Playing in duos shares that load, and good comms will always mean good wins.

Covering for Each Other

Covering for your teammate is paramount to winning a game of Duos in Spellbreak. Sometimes enemies might focus fire on your teammate and get them killed. Having cover fire (or earth, wind, ice, poison) can help them reposition to a better angle, or to cover.


Revives are a thing in this game, and exist only in Duos and Squads. It’s essentially a second chance if you get dunked on heavily by an enemy. Having a friend that can pull you out of death’s door (or rather, being exiled) can turn the tide of a battle easily.

Wrap Up

To wrap this up, here is how you play duos in Spellbreak:

  1. Head to the game lobby.
  2. Enter game mode settings.
  3. Select Battle Royale.
  4. Select “Duos.”
  5. Start the game.

Good luck, battlemage!