How To Play Discord Nitro Games

Discord is a popular free social platform where people can come together and hang out. It is the ideal platform for gamers that want to actively communicate with their teammates. Together they can create ideal strategies to overcome any challenges they face. 

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While discord is a free platform, it offers a subscription model as well. For those that want to support Discord and its numerous features, they can subscribe to Nitro. Those who are subscribed to Nitro get access to Nitro Games. If you don’t subscribe to Nitro, you can’t play Discord games.

There are plenty of games to choose from. You can select the game you like, you can buy it and play it. It is easy to download and fast. 

Where to Find Nitro Games?

 After you subscribe to discord, you will get access to the Nitro menu. This is the third submenu from your profile page right above “Friends”. See the screenshot below. 

When you select the menu, you will see all the games that Discord has for sale. You can add them to your library, purchase them, and download them. You can also check out the games that are on sale. This way you can save a few bucks. 

Do I Get Free Games?

The platform is very similar to Steam. They offer free games as well. While not all free games are available every day, you can get them when they are free. Discord keeps rotating the free game titles to always add fresh content. In other words, if you miss out on a free title, the next day, that free title may not be available anymore. So, go ahead and download the free titles you like while you can. 

How to Purchase Games?

 If you find a game you like in the Nitro game menu, press on the “Buy” option. Just select the game you like and press on the menu that will appear in the top right corner next to the title of the game you’ve chosen. 

Once you select the “Buy” option, Discord will take you to a different page where they will ask you to select the payment method you prefer. You can select to purchase the game with PayPal or a Credit Card. After that, Discord will ask you to add all the necessary information. You will need to type in the address, city, country, card number, etc. 

When you are ready, simply press on the “Next” button at the bottom right corner and purchase the game. That’s it!

Where Is the Game After I Buy It?

The game you buy will be automatically put into your “Library”. Discord lists all the games you own here. You will have to install the game from the library to be able to play it. To go to your library, simply go to your profile and select the second submenu under “Games”. See the screenshot below.

Here you can organize all of your games. Once you install the game, refresh Discord and the game will appear in the Library. There are plenty of features you can play around with. Right click on the title to access these features. Press on the “Play” button to play the game.


That’s it! Now you know everything about Discord games!


For you to gain access to Discord games, you will have to subscribe to the platform. Otherwise, you can’t play them. When you subscribe, you will gain a new menu to explore. Here you will find all the games you need. Hopefully, you found this guide helpful.