How To Play Among Us On A PC

Do you prefer to use your mouse and keyboard to play your favorite games instead of the touch screen of your phone? Or do you like to play on a bigger screen? In any case, you can download and play Among Us on your PC. Check our quick guide below to learn how to download the Among Us on your desktop. As a bonus, we also have here some of the handy keyboard shortcuts you can use in the game.


For those who only know about Among Us on mobile, you can also play the game on your PC. Although this version of the game isn’t free, it comes with some free skins and cosmetics that you can use to change the appearance of your character.

In addition, the mobile version makes use of your personal data and shows ads from time to time. So if you highly value your privacy, you might want to play the game on PC.

Play Among Us on Steam

If you want to play Among Us on PC with your mouse and keyboard, you can download it through Steam. Although it isn’t offered on the PC for free, unlike the mobile version, it’s still the same game of betrayal, deceit, and social deduction.

Please take note that Among Us doesn’t support cross-save, so all skins that you have on mobile won’t carry over to the PC version. However, buying the game on PC for 5$ gives you access to some bonus cosmetics that you can use to dress your character.

In any case, you can still play with your friends on mobile even if you’re on PC since Among Us supports cross-play. Although the controls are different on these two devices, the gameplay is all the same.

Among Us keybinds and keyboard controls on PC

By default, Among Us on Steam uses a mouse-only control scheme for movement, accomplishing tasks, and other stuff in the game. Fortunately, you can change your settings to enable the keyboard, which can make it easier for you to use different features in a match.

To enable the keyboard support on the game, navigate to the Settings (gear icon) in the main menu. Next, head over to the General tab, where you can change the controls and sound options. And under the Controls section, click “Mouse+Keyboard.”

Now that you enabled the keyboard, and mouse support on the game, make sure to remember these few keybinds and controls that can help you perform different actions faster on PC.

Character movement

One of the fundamental actions you have to do in a match is to move your character to navigate across the map. For gamers out there, you can use WASD keys on your keyboard to enter rooms, head to your tasks, and to run away from the impostor. But if you’re not used to this set of controls, you can use the Arrow keys instead.

Interacting with objects / Sabotage

To interact with some objects or to perform some actions in the game, you can press ‘E‘ on your keyboard. If you’re the impostor in the match, this keybind allows you to sabotage a specific room on the map.


If you’re the impostor, sneak up beside a crewmate and press ‘Q‘ on your keyboard to assassinate. Remember that this skill has a cooldown, so be careful in picking your targets.

Reporting a dead body

Once you see a dead body, whether you’re an impostor or crewmate, you can press the R key on your keyboard to report it. If you

Toggling the map

To open the map, press the ‘Tab‘ key on your keyboard.

Closing an open menu

Once you finish a task, you can press ‘ESC‘ to close the open menu. Pressing this key also works in closing the general and sabotage (impostors only) map.

Is Among Us on PC better than the free mobile version?

Honestly, everything comes down to your personal preference. Although there is a slight difference between the controls, skins, and pricing between the two versions, the gameplay is the same. And since Among Us supports cross-platform, it doesn’t matter whether you’re on PC or mobile.

But if you worry about sharing your private data, or you don’t mind paying a few bucks to play the game, the PC version is your best bet. Also, buying the game on PC gets you a couple of free cosmetics that you can use to dress your character.

That’s all we have on our guide about playing Among Us on PC. If you want to see more tips, tricks, and tutorials, don’t forget to bookmark our page and visit us regularly for our daily updates.