How To Play Aldous In Mobile Legends

Aldous is arguably the strongest late game hero in mobile legends. His global presence and extremely high burst damage makes him a viable hero regardless of the meta. Here’s everything you need to know to get you started playing the Soul Contractor.



If you’re looking to play patiently and wait until the late game, Aldous just might be the perfect hero for you. He is the type of hero who doesn’t need to build damage items to deal a lot of damage. This opens up flexibility in his build path, allowing you to go full damage, full tank, or an offtank hybrid. His whole kit is geared towards dealing damage in the late game. The best way to describe Aldous is that he is kind of an assassin/tank. Assassin because with enough time and items, he can easily one shot the enemy team’s carries and tank because he has enough durability to absorb a few hits before going down. Add to the fact that he has a global ultimate which means he can easily turn every fight into a 2v1 or be present in all team fights when contesting objectives. He also has a very simplistic kit that’s easy to understand and execute even for beginners. Overall, Aldous is one of the best fighters in Mobile Legends. You can succeed and win a lot of matches simply by learning how to use this hero. 


As we’ve mentioned before, Aldous’ kit is geared towards making it to the late game. His entire arsenal gives him a ton of burst damage that he can use to eliminate the enemy carries. This also gives him flexibility to choose whatever build path he needs to help the team without having to compromise his ability to deal damage.

Passive – Contract: Transform

After every 2 attacks, Aldous gains a 500 (+3 × Soul Steal stack count) shield for 3 seconds on his next Basic Attack. This effect can only be triggered once every 5 seconds.

Aldous passive is one of the reasons why he is very durable and incredibly hard to take down. Especially in extended fights during the late game. The shield synergizes directly with his Soul Steal stacks which only increases his durability the longer the game goes on.

First Skill – Contract: Soul Steal

Aldous unleashes his inner energy to strengthen his next Basic Attack, dealing 200-450 (+100% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage. If he eliminates an [enemy minion/creep/enemy hero/turret, Turtle and Lord] with this attack, Aldous will gain [2/4/10/12 stacks] of Soul Steal, respectively. Each stack increases the damage of this skill by 6 permanently.

When attacking minions and creeps, the damage of strengthened Basic Attack is [increased] by 300%. Aldous gets 2 extra stacks from Soul Steal when the enemy non-hero units die in a certain range.

Aldous’ first skill is the reason why he is a late game monster. By simply last hitting enemy targets, he will permanently increase the damage of this skill. It starts out weak but with enough stacks, this ability is guaranteed to one shot the enemy carries and at least take out half the life bar of some tanks

Second Skill – Contract: Explosion

Aldous assumes a defensive stance, gaining 30% Damage Reduction and 20% extra Movement Speed for 2 seconds or until manual cancellation. He then deals 100-200 (+20% Total Physical Attack)–200-400 (+40% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to nearby enemies and stuns them for 0.5-1 second (scales with defensive stance duration).

Contract: Explosion is Aldous’ only form of extra mobility. It gives him a movement speed boost which can be useful for repositioning, chasing targets, or escaping ganks. The main focus of this ability though is the stun it provides. It makes him a bit more durable, thanks to the damage reduction, and can detonate it to deal damage while also stunning enemies around him. 

Ultimate – Contract: Chase Fate

Aldous gains vision of all enemies for 5 seconds. During this time, if Aldous uses this skill again, he can dash toward an enemy hero [of choice]. When Aldous hits that enemy hero, he will deal Physical Damage equal to 400-750 plus 10% of the target’s Max HP and knock the enemy back for 1 second. (Aldous can interrupt the target’s Recall and Arrival as he charges.)

(Use this skill once again to cancel the dash, and will blink to the designated direction instead.)

This is Aldous’ signature skill and what he is best known for. It gives him a global presence and allows him to easily help teammates in fights or duels. It can also be a great way to finish off targets that managed to get away. Overall, this is a really good ability with a lot of potential when combined with ultimates of other heroes like Helcurt or Johnson.


When it comes to item builds, you have a lot of choices on Aldous. You can go for a full damage build or a full tank build or even something in between. This is because of the way his kit is designed. Aldous is a hero that will never run out of ways to deal damage. It makes him a very flexible pick that can fit whatever your team comp needs. Despite this, there are two items we consider the most important on Aldous. These core items are Endless Battle and Thunderbelt.

  • Endless Battle

+65 Physical ATK
+5 Mana Regen
+250 HP
+10% CD Reduction
+5% Movement SPD
+10% Physical Lifesteal

Unique Passive – Divine Justice: In 3s after using the skill, the caster’s next Basic Attack will deal additional True Damage as much as 60% of Physical Attack with a cooldown of 1.5s.

Unique Passive – Chase Fate: When Divine Justice’s effect is triggered, it will increase the hero’s movement speed 10%.

  • Thunder Belt

+800 HP

+40 Physical Defense

+30 Mana Regen

+10% CD Reduction

Unique Passive – Thunderbolt: In 3s after using the skill, the caster’s next Basic Attack will deal True Damage as much as 50 plus 5% of the caster’s Extra Max HP to the enemy target and surrounding units and slow them by 40-80% (increases with the caster’s Extra Max HP) for 1s. This effect has a 1.5s cooldown.

Both of these items work best on Aldous for the sole reason that they enhance his next basic attack after casting an ability. This works well with his first skill, Contract: Soul Steal. Having at least one of these items, basically guarantees Aldous can deal pretty good damage.

Useful Tips

  1. For emblems, always take the Assassin set. Now, most of the talents under this emblem set are actually good on Aldous. However, we would recommend sticking with either High and Dry or Killing Spree. High and Dry gives you a bit more power when in a 1v1, while Killing Spree will give you bonuses whenever you kill an enemy hero.
  2. For battle spells, take either Flicker or Sprint. Both of them are mobility spells that make Aldous’s life easier when it comes to sticking to targets or escaping ganks.
  3. Aldous can be countered by heroes with a lot of crowd control, mobility, or has a much longer range than him. Examples of heroes that can hard counter him are Natalia, Gord, Fanny, and Layla.

So there you have it! That’s everything you need to know on how to play Aldous in Mobile Legends. Be sure to check back with us again for more awesome guides on your favorite games. Have fun!