How To Play ADC In League Of Legends

Do you want to be the highest damage dealer on your team? Think you got what it takes to carry your team to victory? Learning a new role in League of Legends can be tough. So we’ll do our best here to help you get started. 


Playing as an ADC, or Attack Damage Carry, in League of Legends can be kind of stressful. You’ll face many challenges and jump through a lot of hoops just to succeed in this role. For starters, everyone on the opposing team will try to kill you whenever they get the chance. It doesn’t help that most champions used in this role have very low survivability. But what they lack in resilience, they make up for with insane amounts of damage. 

Why Play as an ADC?

ADCs usually deal the most physical damage in the game. If you like dealing a lot of damage and scoring a lot of kills, this role will suit you well. Having the most damage also puts you in a great position to carry your team to victory. If you can stay alive long enough, you’ll find yourself easily killing your opponents. 

Your primary responsibility as the ADC is to scale into the late game and just be a consistent source of sustained damage. You’ll be very very item reliant compared to other roles, so getting a lead early on is crucial. Positioning is also very important in playing as an ADC. If you think you have solid mechanics or are looking to improve in this area of the game, playing as an ADC can be very beneficial.

Types of ADCs

Most champions in this role fall under the Marksman class. So you’ll mostly be playing as and against marksman champions in the Bottom Lane. If you look around the internet, you’ll find plenty of people telling you the different types of ADCs. We’ve boiled them down to three types to help you get a better grasp of what each type does.


From left to right: Jinx, Kog’Maw, Vayne, and Twitch

DPS, or damage per second, champions are often considered Hyper Carries. This is because their kits revolve around having a ton of attack speed buffs and a lot of auto-attack modifiers. Apart from having a low health pool, these champions are usually immobile so they are the most vulnerable type of ADCs. But out of all the other types, these champions scale the best into the late game. Once they reach that point, they are nearly unkillable because you’ll be dead before you even get them.

Champions like Jinx, Kog’Maw, Vayne, and Twitch fall under this category.

Caster ADC

From left to right: Ezreal, Lucian, Miss Fortune, and Samira

These champions rely mostly on their abilities to deal damage. Their auto-attacks still hurt, but not as much as the DPS types since they do not have abilities that buff their attack speed. A great thing about Caster ADCs is that their kits usually have built-in mobility. Whether it’s a dash or a blink, these champions can easily reposition themselves out of harm’s way and can continue to deal damage. If you’re new to playing ADCs, caster types have the most forgiving learning curve and would be a great entry point into this role. 

Champions like Ezreal, Lucian, Miss Fortune, and Samira fall under this category.

Utility ADC

From left to right: Ashe, Sivir, and Senna

Depending on who you ask, some people will tell you that Utility ADCs are the best of the bunch. These champions are kind of tweeners in a way that they have the same things that make the previous two types strong but they have more utility in the form of great team fighting abilities. Utility ADCs have hard crowd control that can stop enemies in their tracks and can buff up their entire team. One drawback to this type of ADC is that they rely too much on their teammates to make great plays. But, if you like calling shots and getting your teammates to coordinate during a team fight, this type would be perfect for you.

Champions like Ashe, Sivir, and Senna fall under this category.

So Who Do I Pick?

Don’t let the current meta factor in your decision when choosing an ADC to start with. As a beginner, just pick which champion you think you’ll have fun with. All of them have pros and cons, so you should see who fits your playstyle the best. If you ask us, we’ll suggest picking up someone like Lucian or Ashe. Lucian has a dash in his E ability so you’ll have plenty of room to move around and quickly escape if an enemy gets too close. Ashe on the other hand has good crowd control with a slow from her W and a stun from her R. She also has her E skill which allows her to view certain points in the map to help keep her safe from ganks.

Early Game

In the early part of the game, your focus as an ADC is to farm and last hit minions. Make sure you have a higher CS or at least an even CS with the enemy ADC. You need to get as much gold as you can so you can start purchasing your core items. You should also focus on playing safe. You can do this by managing your minion wave efficiently and keeping it close to your side of the lane. A lot of your success in the early game is tied to your Support. They’ll be the ones making plays and if you think it will turn out in your favor, do your best to follow up.

Mid Game

At this point, you should be focusing on pushing your lane. Try to eliminate as many turrets as you can. If you have a lead, you need to hold on to that and keep building on it to get further ahead. Your team should also be working to get objectives like Dragon and you should help them whenever you’re near. If your jungler is on the other side of the map, don’t hesitate to take some of the jungle camps to help you get more gold. Some ADCs have a power spike in the mid-game like Lucian or Ezreal. If you play a champion with a mid-game power spike, you can play a little more aggressively and try to deal damage to your opponents whenever you get the opportunity.

Late Game

Now, you get to reap the efforts from all your farming. You should be nearing the completion of all your items. You’ll start dealing a ton of damage and your opponents will feel it. You’re gonna be a high priority target in every team fight so it’s best if you can stick closely with your support or your other teammates. You should help in contesting objectives like Baron and the Elder Dragon to help gain an advantage for your team. If you and your team win a team fight, you can siege a lane and push it up to the enemy’s nexus. Play your cards right and you’ll win the game.

Useful Tips

  1. During team fights, try to deal as much damage as you can before dying. 
  2. You should always be farming minions or jungle camps. You need to always have a gold advantage over the enemy ADC.
  3. It’s easy to get lost in the middle of a team fight. Especially when everyone on the enemy team tries to dive you. So if you’re having trouble deciding who to focus on, just hit and attack the enemy closest to you.
  4. Remember to play it safe. You’re a very squishy champion by design. Do not overextend if you think it’s not worth it. Do not overextend when you’re unsure of where the enemies are.
  5. Practice having serpentine movements. Throwing some zigs and zags in your movement pattern can save you from a skillshot from an opponent. It will also help develop your mechanics in kiting enemies.
  6. Always, ALWAYS take Flash as one of your summoner spells. Most ADCs are immobile so taking Flash is a no-brainer. Even if you choose a champion who can dash or blink away, you should still take Flash. As for the other summoner spell, you should be taking Heal most of the time. You can take Barrier if the enemy has a lot of burst damage or Cleanse if the enemy has a lot of hard crowd control.

So there you have it! Learning how to be an ADC can be difficult but it’s a very rewarding experience. We hope this guide gives you a solid foundation to help you get started with this role. Have fun and see you on the Rift!