How To Pin Your Chats In Signal

Do you need a reminder for your important chats on Signal? Do you want to see them at the top of your screen every time you open the chat list? If so, we have here a guide for you. We’ll teach you how to pin your conversations at the top of your chat list. Whether you’re using the Signal app on iOS, Android, or desktop, we got you covered.


If you receive a lot of messages from different contacts every day, your Signal chats list might be full of conversations. As such, it can be time-consuming to browse and find your important chats.

Thankfully, Signal allows you to pin your conversations, whether it’s a group or a private one. In doing so, you get to stick them at the top of your chats list, making it easier for you to access and see them.

While finding the option to pin is pretty easy, we understand that some of you are unfamiliar with the features of Signal Messaging. With that in mind, here’s a guide about pinning messages on the Signal app.

How to pin a chat in Signal messaging

If you need a reminder for chats that needs a reply, you can pin them at the top of your conversations list. In this way, you get to view and access them more quickly once you open the app.

You can pin your chats in Signal whether you’re using the mobile or desktop app. Follow our step-by-step tutorials below to learn how.

On Android:
  1. Open the Signal app and sign in to your account.
  2. On the list of chats, tap and hold on to a conversation that you want to pin.

  3. Once the options appear at the top of your screen, tap the Pin icon.

After pinning a chat, you’ll find it at the top of your chat list until you remove it. To unpin a chat, tap and hold it and select the Unpin icon at the top of your screen.

On iOS:
  1. Open Signal and go to your chats list.
  2. Select one of your conversations and swipe to the right.
  3. Tap the Pin icon beside the chat’s name.
On desktops:
  1. After connecting your account to the desktop app, open one of your chats on the left.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow on the upper-right corner of the chat window.

  3. At the bottom of the menu, select Pin conversation.

Note: You can pin multiple chats on Signal.

That’s how you pin your chats on the Signal Messaging app. You’ll find all your pinned conversations at the top of your chats list.

If you don’t need those pinned chats anymore, you can choose to unpin them any time you want. You can find the option to do so by following the same steps you made when pinning the conversation.

To wrap it all up

Now that you know how to pin your chats, you can now stick urgent or important conversations at the top of your chats list on Signal. In this way, you get to access them much faster whenever you open the app.

Please remember that you can add multiple conversations to your pinned chats list.

That’s everything we have on our guide about pinning chats on Signal. For more tips, tricks, and tutorials, hit the bookmark button, and visit us regularly for our daily posts or updates.