How To Pick Your Main Role In League Of Legends

Can’t decide on how you want to play League of Legends? Don’t know which role you’re supposed to play? We’ve got your back. Picking your main role in League of Legends can be a daunting task. And we’re here to show you what you need to know to help you make the right decision.


League of Legends is a highly competitive team-based game where you try to destroy the enemy’s Nexus while trying to defend your own. In every game, a player picks a champion in a specific role for the entirety of the match. All champions have different strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to know what each of them brings to the table. Knowing and understanding each role is also detrimental to your team’s success.

Why Do You Need to Pick Your Main Role?

While you can jump from each role, you must first understand why you even need to know your main role in the first place. Having a main role greatly improves your consistency and allows you to learn the nuances that come with it. You get to know all the ins and outs so you don’t go out in solo queue making a fool out of yourself. Plus with over 140 different champions, it can be hard to master them all. Having a main role with a solid champion pool that you can play confidently, will help you easily climb the ranks in whatever division you’re in. It’s a matter of quality over quantity.

What are the Roles?

All roles in every lane are essentially a battle of wits where you look to outsmart your opponent and come out on top. Some champions can fit multiple roles while some champions only work in one role. There are 5 roles in League of Legends and each of them have varying playstyles. We’ll go through them based on their lane position in the map.

Top Lane 

As its name suggests, Top Lane is played on the topmost portion of the map. Players in this role are usually isolated from all other lanes and are expected to hold the lane with minimal help from their teammates. Champions played in the Top Lane are usually Tanks who are beefy enough to sustain damage, or Fighters/Bruisers who can hold their own in any skirmishes and have abilities that help them clear minion waves. If you choose to play this role, you’ll find yourself in a 1v1 situation with the opposing Top Laner most of the time. In most games, your primary responsibilities are to split push and be a frontliner for your team. You’ll want to take Teleport  as one of your summoner spells so you’ll be able to quickly jump into a team fight whenever it happens.

If you enjoy playing solo most of the time and don’t mind not getting help from your teammates, then this role may be perfect for you.

Some notable champions in this role are Nasus, Garen, and Riven. 


The Jungler is the most important and difficult role in the game. Similar to Top Lane, you’ll find yourself on your own for most of the early game. But unlike Top Lane, you get to impact every lane as a Jungler. Your job in this role is to secure objectives like Baron or Dragon, and to gank other lanes. All while keeping tabs on the map and keeping an eye on the enemy Jungler. Every decision you make can win or lose the game, so you probably need to have a deeper understanding of the game before you jump into the Jungle.

Junglers come in many forms but they are mostly Tanks, Bruisers, and Assassins. Each of them has their merits so pick whichever suits your needs.

This isn’t a beginner-friendly role but it is incredibly rewarding. Junglers also get flamed a lot so look away if you don’t have the stomach for it. But, if you enjoy setting up your teammates to get leads or if you enjoy playing like a ninja, silently hiding in the brushes while waiting for the opportunity to strike, then you just might have what it takes to be a Jungler. 

Some notable champions in this role are Nunu & Willump, Lee Sin, and Amumu.

Mid Lane

Mid Laners play, quite literally, in the middle of the map. But just because you play Mid doesn’t mean you need to stay there for the entirety of the game. Like the Jungler, one of your jobs as a Mid Laner is to roam around and help other lanes get ahead. But to do so, you need to put yourself at an advantage against the enemy Mid Laner. You know what they say, “Win Lane, Win Game.”

Mid Lane also has the deepest champion pool in the game. So whether you want to play as a Mage, or as an Assassin, or even Tanks in some cases, you’ll find a playstyle that’ll work for you. No wonder it’s the most popular role in the game. In team fights, you’ll want to try and kill the enemy carries before they can deal damage. If all these sound great to you, then you’ll definitely love the Mid Lane.

Some notable champions in this role are Zed, Ahri, and Orianna.

Bot Lane

Do you enjoy dealing the most damage AND having the longest range in a team fight? If you do, you’re probably better off in the Bot Lane. Now Bot Lane is usually for the Marksmen or ADCs (Attack Damage Carry), however as the meta constantly shifts, some Mages with a lot of burst damage are also used in this role. Champions in this role tend to be very squishy and have low health bars but who cares?  I mean you deal a ton of damage so you just have to kill your enemies before they kill you. I know, easier said than done. 

Champions used in the Bot Lane are very item reliant and might take longer before you can feel their presence. It’s a good thing that most Bot Laners scale very well into the late game. This role has the lowest champion pool but makes up for it with champions that can effectively carry the game. I mean there’s a reason why if you googled “Hyper Carry in League of Legends” you’ll see a bunch of champions for the Bot Lane.

In team fights, you would want to deal as much damage as you can before dying. You’ll need to pay attention to your positioning cause if you overextend, your enemies can easily kill you. Oh, I forgot to tell you that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, from the opposing team will be trying to kill you whenever they get the chance. So, yeah watch out for that. 

Some notable champions in this role are Vayne, Ashe, and Jinx.


The last role, but certainly not the least is Support. Supports have a simple job in the game. It’s to keep their carries alive and to create favorable situations for their team. Most Support champions have kits that revolve around helping their team through shields, buffs, or crowd control. Think of it like being the babysitter for the entire team. You’ll find Support players usually teaming up with the Bot Lane but will occasionally roam to Mid to help out as well. 

Supports are probably the second most important role in the game. You need to have great vision control over the map and know the perfect spots to plant wards. In team fights, you need to protect your team’s carries while trying to peel for them. If you like making plays to win a team fight or don’t mind being the unsung hero of your team, you’ll do well as a Support.

Some notable champions in this role are Thresh, Soraka, and Lulu


All roles are equally important and have specific functions on a team. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which role you choose as long as you feel comfortable and it goes well with your playstyle.

So there you have it! There are lots of things to consider when picking your role. But the most important thing to remember is to just have fun with it. After all, League of Legends is a game created for our enjoyment. Enjoy the game and see you on the Rift!