How To Mute Other Players In Valorant

Are you tired of hearing toxic remarks from other players you encounter in Valorant? Or are you not fond of using voice communications at all? Either way, you have the option to turn off voice chat on your settings or mute other players one by one. In our guide below, we’ll show you how to use both methods in Valorant.


In Valorant, good voice communication can give your team an advantage in conveying crucial information in-game. Using the mic allows you to call out enemy positions and abilities faster and with ease. For example, you can tell your teammates about Sage’s walls or Jett dashing inside the site.

Although team voice chat is useful in most situations, there are times when you encounter toxic players that trash talks the entire game, preventing you from focusing on your game. Thankfully, Valorant allows you to mute other players or turn of the team voice feature entirely.

Follow our quick guide below to learn how to mute other players or turn off team voice chat on Valorant. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How to mute other players outside your party in Valorant

If you don’t want to hear anything from teammates aside from the ones in your current party, you can opt to turn off Team voice chat. Although you’ll lose out on potential calls and information that can help you win, muting can also help you avoid senseless remarks from toxic players.

There are a few ways to mute the team voice chat in Valorant. You can either turn it off before starting a game, change your communication setup while on the lobby or agent select, or mute players one by one in-game.

Turn off team voice chat on Audio Settings

To disable your team voice chat by default, you’ll need to change your audio settings in Valorant. In this way, you don’t have to mute your teammates every time you play a game.

Start by clicking the gear icon on the upper-right corner of the main menu and click Settings on the window that appears in the middle of your screen. Click Audio on the upper right, and head to the Voice Chat tab. Look for the team chat option and turn it off.

After turning off team chat, you won’t hear anything from people outside your party whenever you’re in-game. You won’t be able to send out voice chats to them as well.

Open communications window on lobby or agent select

While you’re queueing inside the lobby, you can choose to adjust your communication options without opening your Settings page. You can also do this while your team is selecting agents for the current game.

To open the communications window, click the audio icon below your name in the lobby. As for those on the agent select part of the game, you can click the audio icon beside your display name.

After opening the communications setup window, you can adjust the voice chat options to your liking. Once you finalize everything, click Save & Close to apply the changes.

While inside the lobby or during agent selection, you can click on the audio icon of other users to mute them one by one. This feature gives you the option to mute only those you find distracting or toxic in-game.

Mute other players in-game

Aside from editing your audio settings before queueing, you can also mute other players in the middle of the match. As such, you can prevent toxic players you encounter from distracting you in-game.

During the game, press ESC and head to the Match tab. To mute other players, uncheck the Team Voice option among their player information.

If you only find your teammates loud, but you don’t want to mute them, you can lower their team voice volume to your liking.

To sum it all up

While voice communication in Valorant can give you an advantage in terms of enemy positions and other crucial information, there are when the players you meet are too toxic for you to tolerate. Thankfully you have the option to turn off the team voice chat on your settings or mute individual players in-game.

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