How To Merge Cells In Google Sheets

Using Google Sheets is a familiar task for most people since everyone widely uses it. With that, you might be aware that it’s pretty burdensome to manually adjust every cell whenever texts or numbers don’t fit in or even when the formatting isn’t pleasing to the eyes. 

Google Sheets

That is why merging cells, rows, and even columns is common when working with a spreadsheet, primarily when combining multiple information. 

Apart from that, the merge function doesn’t only come in handy when bringing several data into a single cell since it also helps improve your spreadsheet’s format. Besides, numbers and texts inputted are easier to understand when they are well-presented. 

Google Sheets On Website

Since it is easier to edit a spreadsheet on a computer, this guide is ideal if you are currently editing a sheet and need to know how to merge different cells.

1. Open your web browser then navigate to Google sheets.

To begin, go to the Google Sheets website and select which spreadsheet you want to edit; it can be an existing one or a new one.

2. Select the cells that you want to merge.

Choose which cells in the entire sheet you want to merge. Simply select those cells, and you’ll know if you’ve chosen the correct ones because they’ll be highlighted and have a blue outline around them.

3. Click “Format” on the sheets’ menu bar.

After you’ve selected the cells you want to merge, select “Format” from the menu bar, and a drop-down menu will appear on your screen.

4. Hover your cursor towards the “Merge Cells” option.

When you move your cursor to the “Merge Cells” label in the drop-down menu, three options are provided:

Merge all

Choosing this option will merge all of the cells you’ve selected into a single cell that will appear to be a large cell.

Merge Horizontally

This option will merge the selected cells into a row of the selected cells.

Merge Vertically

If you choose this option, it will merge the selected cells into a column of the desired cells.

Using Mobile Device

Editing a spreadsheet on your mobile phone is much more difficult, but if the situation demands it, don’t worry because you can also merge cells in Google Sheets using your mobile, although with fewer options for how you will merge your cells. Follow this three-step guide to combining cells in sheets on the app.

1. Open the Google Sheets application then choose which spreadsheet to edit.

To begin, launch the Google Sheets app on your phone, then select the file or spreadsheet that needs to be modified.

2. Select the particular cells that you want to merge.

If the sheet is already displayed on your screen, select the cells you want to merge. To ensure that you’ve chosen the correct ones, they’ll be highlighted in blue and have a blue outline.

3. Click the merge icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the page.

If the cells you’ve chosen are complete and accurate, click the merge icon at the bottom of the screen. Keep in mind if you’re using your phone to use this feature, it will automatically apply the merge all types of merging cells, and you will not be given the option to merge horizontally nor vertically.

Finishing Thoughts

You would’ve thought by now that merging cells is relatively easy. It’s much more convenient than resizing cells one-by-one just to fit your data. Imagine, you can even fit in a whole block of information with the use of this function!

Just follow these steps, and you’ll soon master the skill of merging cells!