How To Make Your Zoosk Account Invisible

We have been asked this question a few times since beginning our Zoosk coverage. The question has two distinct types. Going invisible so you can check out other people on the platform without them knowing and going invisible because you met someone and don’t want to be seen to be still using dating apps. I’ll cover both scenarios in how to make your Zoosk account invisible.

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Zoosk is one of the few dating platforms that offers the ability to invisibly check out the dating market without leaving a trace. Usually, the app will have a ‘Viewed Me’ section or a variant of it where you can check out anyone who has already checked you out. It’s a useful feature for some but has limited use. If they checked you out and didn’t leave a message, they weren’t for you anyway.

The other version of being invisible is essentially pulling your dating profile from Zoosk while you explore the potential of a match or when you both agreed to go exclusive. This is an essential step in any relationship as it is now an important measure of trust. Get it wrong and you’re likely doomed from the off!

Make your Zoosk account invisible while you browse

Zoosk has a premium option helpfully called Go Invisible. It’s a time-limited function that gives you 30 minutes to browse your local market or check out the potential matches in your area without leaving a trace. The search function and Carousel work in exactly the same ways usual but the other person doesn’t see that you have checked them out.

This could be a useful feature if you’re shy or are trying to catch out a partner you think is cheating but I cannot think of another use for it. The feature costs Zoosk coins which are separate from the subscription.

  • Access Go Invisible from the menu in the top left of your phone screen at the bottom under Go Invisible.
  • On a browser, select your profile from the top right and select Go Invisible from the dropdown menu.

You will need Zoosk coins for this to work. You will be prompted to purchase them if you don’t have any at the time.

Make your Zoosk account invisible while you’re exclusive

Arguably the more useful feature, making your Zoosk account invisible while you’re with someone. If you have both agreed to be exclusive and to not use dating apps, you don’t want to be found with an active profile. Zoosk gives you two options for that. Hide or Pause.

The Hide is part of the Hide & Seek element of Zoosk. A play on words where you can hide your Zoosk account from anyone else on the platform except those you message. Seek is a fully visible account like the usual setting. You need to be a subscriber to use the Hide function.

  1. Select your profile on a browser and select Hide & Seek from the dropdown menu.
  2. Select Hide.

This hides your profile from the general Zoosk population but will render you visible to anyone you message. One note of caution though. This feature only works for subscribers. If you are a subscriber and set your profile to Hide and stop your subscription, your profile will become visible again once the subscribed period is up.

Pause your Zoosk account

The easiest way to remove your profile from Zoosk is to pause your account. This removes your profile from the app completely. It will keep your contacts and messages but you won’t appear on the platform at all.

To pause your Zoosk account on a computer, do this:

  1. Sign into com and select your profile in the top right.
  2. Select Account Settings and Account Status.
  3. Select Edit and select Pause Account.
  4. Confirm and complete the process and your account will now be on hold.

To pause your Zoosk account on a phone, do this:

  1. Open the Zoosk app.
  2. Select the menu icon at the top left and select Settings.
  3. Select Account and Account Status.
  4. Select Pause Account and complete the process.

Both methods remove your Zoosk account from the carousel and from public view. It doesn’t delete your account or close it, just puts it on hold. You will retain any matches, all messages and any connections you have made. You can delete the account at a later date should you need to or repeat the above to unpause your account should you need to do that.

Those are the ways I know of to make your Zoosk account invisible. Have you used them? Did they help? Work okay? Tell us about your experiences below!