How To Make Your Playlist In Spotify Private

Do you want to hide your favorite playlist from your followers and other people that visit your profile? Or do you want to make it private and share it with only a few? Either way, we’re here to help you. In your guide below, we’ll show you how to make a playlist in Spotify private.


In Spotify, public playlists are displayed on your profile page for everyone to see. In this way, your followers can check what songs you love and what you frequently listen to.

However, some people prefer keeping their listening habits hidden from other people. Fortunately, you can make your Spotify playlists secret and remove them from your profile and the search results.

With that in mind, we have here a guide about turning your Spotify playlists private. In addition to that, we’ll also teach you how to make all playlists you create in the future secret.

How to hide your Spotify playlist from public view

If you don’t want other users on Spotify to check your personal playlist on the app, you can choose to make them private. In this way, they won’t show up on your profile page, hiding them from public view.

You can make a playlist private whether you’re using the Spotify web, desktop, or mobile app. We’ll show you how to do it on all three in our step-by-step tutorials below.

On your computer:
  1. Open the Spotify web player or desktop app and sign in to your account.
  2. Using the sidebar on the left, open the playlist that you want to hide from your profile page.

  3. Click More (three horizontal dots) and select “Make secret” on the menu.

That’s how you make a playlist secret on the Spotify web and desktop app. Any playlist that you changed to private won’t be visible to other users that view and check your profile page.

On the mobile app:
  1. After signing in to the Spotify mobile app, tap “Your Library” at the bottom right side of your screen.

  2. Open the playlist that you want to make private.

  3. Tap More (three vertical dots) on the upper-right corner of your screen.

  4. Scroll down at the end of the options, tap “Make private,” and confirm your decision.

Please remember that you can still share private playlists with other users on Spotify, allowing them to access, share, and follow the playlists. If the playlist is collaborative, other users can edit it when you share the playlist with them.

Also, the playlist shows up on the followers’ profile page unless they remove it. To remove other people’s playlists from your profile, you can access the playlist options on the mobile app and select “Remove from profile” on the menu.

How to make your new playlists you create private on Spotify

By default, all the playlists you create on Spotify are public. If you don’t want to show your newly made playlists to your followers and other users, you can choose to make them secret automatically.

You can only change your default settings on the Spotify desktop app. However, the changes apply to all Spotify versions, including the desktop and mobile app.

  1. After signing in to the desktop app, click your profile icon on the upper-right side of your screen and select Settings on the menu.

  2. Scroll down to the Social section and toggle the “Make my new playlists public” option off.

To wrap it all up

Now that you know how to make your playlists private on Spotify, you can now hide them from your followers or other users on the app. In this way, you don’t have to worry about the public knowing some of your favorite songs, artists, or podcast episodes.

Always remember that you can still share your private playlists with other users. When you do, they will be able to follow, share, and display it on their profile page.

That’s everything we have on our guide! For more tips, tricks, and tutorials, visit us regularly and check our latest posts and updates.

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