How To Make Text Bold In WhatsApp

For those that don’t know, you can change the appearance of your messages on WhatsApp. You can either format it to bold, italics, strikethrough, or monologue, depending on the message you want to convey. If you wish to add a strong emphasis on a text to catch the receiver’s attention, you can change its format to bold. To help you, here’s a quick guide on how to change the text format of messages on WhatsApp.


Long and plain messages can be quite difficult to read and understand. That’s why some people add emoticons or change the format of their text to catch the receiver’s attention and make the message lively.

Fortunately, changing the text format is available on WhatsApp.Users can send messages in italics, bold, monologue, or strikethrough to establish some priority or emphasis on some texts.

If there are occasions in which you want to add a strong emphasis on a word or a phrase, you can use the bold format on the text. In this way, the receiver can pay more attention to some text on your messages.

So if you’re wondering how to make a text bold on the platform, follow our quick guide below. Now without further ado, let’s get started.

How to send a message in a bold format on WhatsApp

Text formats are available on all versions of WhatsApp. So whether you’re on mobile or desktop, you can format a text to bold to add a strong emphasis to your message.

Just remember to take caution in using this format on your messages. While bold can catch the attention of the reader, too much of its use can distract the person from reading your message properly.

WhatsApp on Android

For those on their mobile devices, you can highlight a text and change its format before you send it.

  1. Open a conversation on WhatsApp or create a new chat.

  2. Type a message in the text field.
  3. Tap and hold the message to access some of the text options. You can also drag and adjust the bound handles to highlight all the text that you want to bold.

  4. On the options available, select “Bold.” Alternatively, you can tap More options (three dots) > “Bold.”

  5. Send the message.

Aside from highlighting text to change its format options, you can also add an asterisk symbol before and after the message to make it bold.

WhatsApp web and desktop app

WhatsApp users on desktop and web apps can also modify their messages before sending them. But unlike the mobile version, the desktop and web app doesn’t have a feature where you can highlight the text to change its format.

What you do, however, is to add a few symbols before and after the text. You can either change the format to italics, bold, strikethrough, and monologue, depending on the character you use.

So if you want to make a text bold for strong emphasis, add an asterisk symbol on both sides of the text inside your message. Although it doesn’t reflect on the text field at first, it does change the format as you send your message.


You can change the format of your text to italics, bold, strikethrough, or monologue on WhatsApp. Using these features can catch the reader’s attention, especially on long messages.

To use these formats on the platform, all you have to do is add symbols on both sides of the text. So to make your messages bold, you have to add an asterisk symbol before and after the text to change the format.

Alternatively, you can also highlight a text to change its appearance on the mobile version of WhatsApp. You can also select multiple words or phrases by adjusting the bound handles when you highlight.

That’s all we have on how to make a text bold on WhatsApp. We hope that our guide helped you change the text format of your messages. For more WhatsApp tips, tricks, and tutorials, don’t forget to bookmark our page and subscribe to our newsletter.