How To Make Google Home Control Your Lights

Google Home has a lot of different options and cool features. But, one of the most popular ones is controlling the lights at home. If you want to figure out how to set the Google Home device to control the lights for you, just follow this guide. 


We have prepared a step-by-step guide that’s easy to follow. You will have it ready in no-time. Before we start, make sure you have installed the Google Home app on your phone. Log in with your email and address and set up your account. Now that everything is ready, let’s begin. 

Step 1

Connect your phone to the same WiFi as your Google Home device. Open the Google Home app and go to “Settings” menu. This is the menu on the top left corner that looks like three horizontal lines. Next, go to “Home Control”. It is the third option from the menu. Select it.  

Step 2

Now, click on the “+” sign on the bottom right corner of the screen. This is the option for adding new devices. 

Step 3

On this menu, you will need to set up your lights with the partner apps. Any of these apps will do. 

Step 4

We have decided to select the LIFX app. You can use any app on your phone. You can scroll to the end of the list to see all the available applications. The apps are updated all the time. So, you will see new ones often. 

Step 5

Once you’ve selected the app, log in with your account. The app will ask you to authorize if the Google Home can control the lights in the room. Confirm your decision by selecting “Authorize” on the bottom of the screen. Wait a couple of seconds for the app to link itself to the lights. 

Step 6

When the loading process is done, you will get this menu. Here you can see all the different lights you have. You can name them however you like. In this example, we have named them LIFX 1,2,3, and 4. 

You can assign a room to these lights. All you have to do is press on the name and select any of the rooms. There are a bunch of preset rooms. You can even create a custom room by selecting the last option on the menu. When you’ve assigned all the lights in every room, select “Done” on the top right corner. 

Step 7

When you confirm your changes, the app will open a different window. These are some of the commands you can use to control the lights. Select “Got It” on the bottom of the screen to finish setting up the lights. 

To turn all the lights on, all you have to say is “Hey Google, turn on LIFX 1” it will turn all the lights in that section. You can tell the device to turn the lights on or off in different rooms as well. All you have to do now is use the commands as you see fit.


Setting up Google Home to turn on the lights is very easy. It is a convenient feature you will use all the time. So, go ahead and give it a try.