How To Make Gmail Font Bigger

It’s not just about making it bigger; rather about changing the size of the Gmail font in general. However, anyone would indeed love to make it bigger when it comes about changing the font size of the Gmail. In this context, given below is the step by step guide on how to change the font of the Gmail. This strategy can be followed to make it bigger. Good news is that it can be set as the default option; ensuring one doesn’t need to alter it every single time.



  1. Log in to Gmail account. It is always advised to login from the web browser that is thoroughly updated.
  2. Go to the setting menu and open the same. It can be found at the extreme top right-hand corner. Select Labs upon reaching there.
    Gmail account
  3.  Now get scrolled down using the cursor to “Default Text Styling” that can be found within the list, and make sure it is enabled.
    Default Text Styling
  4.  Put a click on the General tab that can be found within the settings. One can find “Default text style” over there.
    Default text style
  5.  Here comes the desired step. You can now make adjustments with the font size. Obviously as you wish, it can be made bigger. Well, not just the size; the font face and style can also be changed following the steps. One can also change the colour of the desired text as well from here.
    font size

However, there is complete flexibility offered for the user. Upon wishing, one can always get the initial font back, or simply alter things as wished.

It is here to note that custom made changes in font works fantastic for texts of all types. No matter it’s about replaying back to a text or simply forwarding the same mail, it works for all. In fact, it also works in case of composing an email. One c an also try fresh ways of making email communications upon combining the changes in fonts. All that it needs is to combine the changes with a customised email signature.

Format the Email as per the changes

Upon following the steps as explained above, changing the font can be done pretty easily. However, it is often felt to change the other characteristics as well of the texts within the message, and also of the fresh texts added to make the overall changes look convenient. All that it needs is to follow the below given simple steps.

  1. Login and open the Gmail account.
  2. Put a click on Compose and type down the texts of the desired message.
  3. Now go and select the formatting options those are available through the icon of an underlined ‘A’, which can be found at the extreme below of the message display.

To change things again:

Even after doing all these changes or doing the needful formatting if you didn’t feel happy, Gmail provides the flexibility to get back to the original. In this context, there is a Remove Formatting button provided by Gmail; this can be used to change the things you don’t like. The final button one can find within the formatting bar allows the user to take out the entire set of custom formatting options those have been done. It means it turns the whole things back to plain simple text. Now all that it needs is to select the desired text and put a click on this button to take away the custom changes made with font, colour, etc, those have been made.

Use shortcuts:

Those who are not interested in following the long steps as explained above may simply make use of the keyword shortcuts. Simply use the mouse and hove it around the button within the formatting bar to know about what the shortcut is all about. For example, Ctrl+B can be used for making it bold.

To keep it as the Default

As it is possible to change things those you don’t like, also, it is possible to save the changes as the default you liked. If you liked the change and wish to set it as default for each text, all it needs is to edit the text style upon going through the General tab of the settings in the email.

  1. Login and open the Gmail account of the system.
  2. Go to the extreme right at the top, and find the Settings icon.
  3. Select Settings over there.
  4. Now go to the Default text style and select.
  5. Do the needful changes within the box to meet the desired style you wish for the entire mails.
  6. Put a lick on Save Changes that can be found at the bottom.