How To Make A Twitch Prime Account

Twitch Prime is a premium service that is provided absolutely free to those having an Amazon Prime account. Advantage of the service is that here the viewers can get lesser advertisements and have access to the explicit features like card packs in Hearthstone, new hero skins in Overwatch, etc.  One can get signed up for Twitch Prime through Amazon account upon following the steps given below.


The first thing that the concerned user has to ensure about has a subscription to the Amazon Prime. Being the prime account holder, one can manage to get Twitch Prime.


  • First of all, the user has to visit the official page
  • Visiting the page, those who are not signed in, can simply put a click on the the Sign in button and get signed in to the account.
  • Visiting the Amazon Prime page, find the Twitch Prime link and put a click on it.
  • One can find ‘Connect your Twitch Account’ button; simply put a click on it. Those who are not having a Prime account can find a 30 day trial button.
  • After putting a click on the connect button, it would take the user to the Twitch Account page asking confirm about the connectivity with the account. Now the user has to simply click on the Confirm button in purple.

Signing up for a Twitch account

No matter it’s about entertainment or simply about enhancing the game play, Twitch can be a fantastic platform to watch the most renowned streams or to enjoy the most popular video games. Following abstracts talk about how to sign up for a Twitch account.

Basic sign up

This option is suitable for those who don’t possess a Facebook account or simply don’t want linking their Facebook account with the Twitch account.

  • Go to the Twitch website.
  • Visit to the homepage, and put a click on the Sign Up button available at the top right corner of the appearing window.
  • There will be a form available, which has to be filled in. Now put a click on the button next to captcha, and then go for the signing up option.

Sign in with your Facebook account

This option is meant for those who want to create a Twitch profile through their Facebook account. Biggest advantage of signing up for Twitch using Facebook is that it is the fastest option. Also, one doesn’t need to remember the password.


  • First of all, visit to the Twitch website.
  • Go to the homepage; put a click on the Sign Up button available at the top right corner of the window.
  • The window that is witnessed, below the Sign Up tab, put a click on the Connect with Facebook button
  • Upon providing the Facebook sign in details, the user has to click the ‘Continue as *your name here*.

Twitch Prime is very much available with Amazon Prime in various top nations including US, Mexico, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Japan,  Brazil, Singapore, United Arab Emirate, and Australia.  In fact Twitch Prime is available with Prime Video in more than 200 different nations.

Advantages of Twitch Prime:

Twitch Prime includes the following advantages.

Channel Subscription –

Through it, one can have a Twitch channel subscription in each month to make use of the same on Affiliate channels. It includes benefits like having access to the explicit Subscriber advantages for the channel that come with the subscriptions in general, including chat facilities, emoticons, badges, and various others. Members of the prime vide can enjoy having access to the free Twitch channel subscription upon initiating their paid membership to Prime Video.

Providing access to the contents of the game:

Through this, one can have access to selecting games and the loot options without any extra expense. One can witness the offers visiting

Gifts –

Here three extra copies of qualified contents within the game are made available to be gifted to others within the community upon going through the Twitch prime terms Gift Chest.

Emoticons –

This facility provides access to have emoticons like KappaHD, ScaredyCat, etc., meant exclusively for members of Twitch Prime and Turbo.

Advanced Chat Colour Options –

This feature allows setting a chat color. Moreover, these options can be altered at any moment upon visiting the Prime Settings.

Prime Chat Badge –

This is an explicit chat badge which can also be made on and off upon going through the Settings. These members can be easily figured out while speaking in any channel across Twitch through this.