How To Make A Picture A Spoiler In Discord

How can you share spoilers on Discord without annoying anyone? Can you make a picture a spoiler in Discord? What are the rules around discussing spoilers? This tutorial will cover all aspects of spoilers, including how to mark text or a picture a spoiler in Discord.


Depending on your perspective, spoilers are either insights into an upcoming title or a bane of the internet. I’m in the latter camp and find people who share spoilers without the spoiler alert incredibly selfish and annoying. There is nothing wrong with sharing feedback on games, movies or TV shows but do it properly. This tutorial will seek to show those users how to do it properly.

Spoilers in Discord

There are two kinds of spoilers in Discord, text and image. You can also get spoilers shared in voice chat but there really is nothing you can do about those. Hopefully those are accidental rather than someone maliciously spoiling a title for others but you never know.

If you’re on a well-managed server with the population to warrant it, you may have a spoiler channel. Otherwise there is DM. If you really need to broadcast a spoiler, you should really do it properly, by adequately warning others and marking your image or text as a spoiler.

Picture spoilers in Discord

Image sharing is a big part of being in a Discord community. Whether it’s a meme or screenshot, images paint a picture so are very useful in chat. As far as I know, there is only one way to mark a picture as a spoiler in Discord. You have to rename the image file before you upload it.

You have to rename your image on your phone or computer and prefix the image name with ‘SPOILER_’. For example, ‘SPOILER_What really happened to Claptrap in that scene.jpg’. When you upload it to Discord, you will see a blurred box with SPOILER in the center. You have to manually select the image to be able to see it.

The other way of using spoiler images is to host it elsewhere and link to it within Discord. You can then use the spoiler tags to hide the link to the image. Which leads us nicely on to…

Spoiler tags in Discord

Spoiler tags are markup that hides text in Discord. They are the default way to share spoilers without ruining it for others and everyone should know how they work. When you use spoiler tags, Discord recognizes the code and blanks out all text within the tags. You have to manually select the blank box in the chat window in order to see what it says. I think this is a decent balance that allows people to chat about stuff without spoiling it for others.

To use spoiler tags in Discord:

Type your message with pipes either side ‘||’ . For example, ‘Did you see when he killed that guy and then || the alien came right out of his face || it was awesome!’ Make sure there is a space before and after the double pipe for this to work and you should see the text before and after in the clear but the text between the pipes blanked out.

Using spoilers online

Not everyone has the time to watch movies or TV shows as soon as they are released, or play the latest games the moment they are available. We all have lives, jobs, families and responsibilities that means we don’t always get that kind of time. If you’re more fortunate, you should bear this in mind when sharing information online.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing your excitement, your ideas or tips with others but make sure your audience either doesn’t mind spoilers or won’t be affected by them.

Some larger Discord servers will have spoiler channels, especially those based around gaming or popular media. If there isn’t a spoiler channel, these spoiler markups are the next best thing. You can share all your ideas with like-minded people while those who have yet to enjoy the title can ignore the spoiler. If they don’t have the willpower to ignore the spoiler markup, that’s their problem not yours.

Spoiling for the sake of spoiling or spoiling without due care and attention is a good way to get yourself kicked or banned or at least to make yourself unpopular. There is a right way and a wrong way of doing it and I encourage everyone to use the right way for the good of all of us!