How To Make A Discord Channel Read-only

At first glance, making a Discord channel read only seems to run counter to how the platform was designed. It’s a one-way conversation where you get to read chat but cannot react, contribute or say anything. Drill down a little and you begin to see that it actually makes a little sense when used correctly.


Read-only Discord channels are ideal for larger clans or guilds that have a lot going on. Some of my old World of Warcraft guilds used to run read-only channels, as did my old Eve Corp. They would use it to outline basic information you needed to know in advance of a raid or before you joined the raid channel. It gave you all the basic information you needed to be up to speed on what was going on.

Used well, read-only Discord channels can be like a newsletter or briefing. Telling members what’s going on and making sure everyone is on the same page before a raid or event. In theory, it should prevent the majority of dumb questions people have before a raid. It never works like that of course but it’s a good theory.

Make a Discord channel read-only

To make a Discord channel read-only, you will need to be the server owner or administrator or create a server where you have those permissions. Then we can get to the configuration.

  1. Create a server or select the server you can to make read-only.
  2. Right click the server and select Server Settings.
  3. Select Roles from the slider menu.
  4. Select the small ‘+’ next to Roles in the center pane of the new window.
  5. Name your new role something suitable and save the changes.
  6. Assign that role to a member of your server using the Roles menu on the left.
  7. Select Create Channel from the left menu and give it a name. ‘Announcements’ is usually good.
  8. Check the box next to #Text Channel and Create Channel.
  9. Right click the new channel and select the gear icon to access settings.
  10. Select the Permissions tab and select @Everyone.
  11. Disable the ability to Send Messages by hitting the red X. Leave Read Messages enabled.
  12. Select the ‘+’ icon next to role and add the Announcement role.
  13. Allow Send Messages for Announcements and save the changes.

Now you have denied write access to the @Everyone group which stops them writing anything in the channel and you’re good to go. Creating the Announcements role and allowing it to write messages is where you can fill the channel with all the useful information you want to share. You can of course call your channel and role anything you like but something descriptive like Announcements helps everyone.

Now you can create all your messages and have them display as people arrive or configure a bot to do it. As long as you use the Announcements role or create a specific role for the bot, your messages will be communicated.

MEE6 has the ability to play messages to arrivals to a channel which can be used in conjunction with these settings on your new Announcements channel. They are called Welcome Messages and can be configured to display all the information you want to communicate. Usually, I counsel against announcing new members to a channel as it can put some people off joining but in an announcements channel that’s different.

You could create a role for the MEE6 bot and have it play all the essential messages you want to communicate as people join and add supplementary information as you go. It’s a simple setup process that requires you to invite MEE6 to join your announcements channel, set up a role for it and enable private messages to new users. You can write as much as practical in that new message and go from there.

I’m sure there are other bots out there that can do the same thing but MEE6 is one of the best and most flexible bots out there so should be more than up to the job.

The process to make a Discord channel read-only is fairly straightforward. But as always, there is a little more to it than just changing roles. Knowing what to communicate and how is a big part of how effective your channel will be, so keep the messages short, concise and to the point and you should do fine.

Do you use announcement channels? Does your clan or guild? How do they implement them? Do they work or are they more annoying? Tell us your thoughts on them below!